Watching in Chrome is crappy again?

Chrome was good in early 2015, then went bad in the spring, was made great over the summer, and now it’s horrible, at least for me on two different laptops. Here’s what I see in settings. Anyone or @TabloTV have any suggestions?

So what exactly is the issue?

It’s choppy…freezes…takes longer than Roku to start playing. Do you recall the pre-HTML5 experience? It’s like that…maybe worse. Not an expert so maybe HTML5 is not the correct term but hopefully it’s clear enough.

Well have you tried clearing your cache and how many tabs are open?

Could just be things sucking up memory on your device?

Yes cleared both machines. Both were fresh installs of Win7 in September. Same behavior whether there’s 3 tabs open or just the one. I do notice the browser versions ends in 86 now instead of 80…maybe something changed and now my Tablo has an issue with it. Netflix and Hulu play just fine on both laptops.

I would open a ticket and you do have 2.2.7 I see, so which beta are you on, 1,2,3, or 4?

Thanks will do. I’ve stuck with beta 2. It’s working really good at 1080-8 and haven’t yet read enough good about 4 to accept it (sure wish they had and ignore update button). I did run across the posting about and going to try that.

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The works much better but not perfect on the better laptop but unfortunately didn’t help the older laptop. Still takes about 15 seconds to start streaming on either (forget if that’s normal or not) and will occasionally pause on the newer one. Not the answer I don’t feel so will go ahead with that ticket and share what comes of it. Thanks jestep.

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