Watching delayed live TV momentarily freezes, then skips to realtime

I use my computer to watch a football game slightly delayed while it’s recording. Every once in a while, the show will stop playing, and it will show the preview picture ( a photo of Tom Brady ) for about 5 seconds. Then it will skip to realtime and resume playing.

Has anyone seen something like this?

You may be having a wireless issue between the Tablo and the TV ( In my case it was a Roku) I was having constant freeze up issues when playing recordings or watching live. I ended up relocating my WIFI router for a stronger signal.

You can test this through VUDU in the settings menu You want to max that bandwidth out.

I’m having the same issue on a wired network on my computer, still haven’t found a solution. It seems to happen only using the Web App, and when I watch a recorded show the same happens randomly, however it just continues after a few seconds instead of jumping ahead.

I have seen something similar SOMETIMES (not all the time) when skipping ahead watching a recording in Chrome. What happens is the screen is frozen for about 5 seconds, then I get the big picture for the show (not Tom Brady but the same picture that comes up when you first hit play), then the video starts playing again a few seconds later.

I assumed it was a feature to distract me over the delay. I don’t understand why Chrome has this feature because skip ahead using the Roku on the same recording is nearly instant.