Watching a show "on tape delay" while still recording; Tablo stops recording

I ran into this problem on Monday evening; I submitted a trouble ticket on Tuesday, but I have heard nothing (beyond the “new ticket” email) from Tablo staff to resolve it.

I have a 4-tuner Tablo hard-wired to router. I use Roku 3 with wireless connectivity. I use a Winegard Amped Flat Wave antenna (though I use it unamplified due to my proximity to the towers). I mostly use Tablo Preview Roku app, though I use the basic Roku app occasionally sa “backup”.

I scheduled three recordings to begin Monday September 28 at 7:00pm MST: The Voice, Big Bang Theory, and Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Between 7:20 and 7:25pm – probably 7:23:49pm, as I will clarity in a bit – I decided to start watching The Voice in “tape delay”, with all three shows (SCHEDULED TO BE) recording in real time.

I watched The Voice “in tape delay” for awhile, but then it stopped… at 23;49 minutes. The real-time show would have been at about the 45 minute mark, but I could not watch it. The recording stopped… right about the time I started watching it in “tape delay”!

I then checked my Big Bang Theory and Penn & Teller recordings: They also stopped recording at exactly 23:49. I have a 2TB Seagate Backup Plus drive which has functioned beautifully to this point, and it still has 1.94TB of free space.

Is this a known bug? Must I now avoid watching live-recordings in tape-delay?

Has anyone else experience this?

Once a recording starts recording you can start watching it. I usually load it from the “recordings” section, not the “live TV” section.

@clmssun - We tried to reproduce this today but were unsuccessful.

I’m wondering if maybe your hard drive suddenly went offline at the 23:49 mark? This would have killed the recordings and the playback of the recording you were watching.

You would have still been able to watch 1 channel live.

When I began watching The Voice on “tape delay”, I accessed the beginning (and kept watching it for 23:49) from the “recordings” menu.

After watching all three recordings from that evening (up to their 23:49 end point), I then tried to return to “The Voice” live – because there was time remaining. I could not access “The Voice” live. I tried both the Tablo Preview Roku app as well as the standard Tablo app on Roku: In all cases, Tablo would go the last recorded minute (i.e, from about 22min49sec to 23min49sec) and play it over and over and over again… literally like a broken record.

Supposing that my hard drive did go offline:
Are there any remedies or safeguards against this? Is this a common problem with Tablo?

When you said you tried to access The Voice live, do you mean from the live TV screen?

And interesting re: the repeating segment… We’ve seen that happen when there’s a loss or a major drop of signal from the antenna.

About the hard drive, you are using one of our recommended drives so this shouldn’t happen frequently. However, disconnects can occur. Sometimes a firmware update on the hard drive can remedy the situation.

If you send us a note we may be able to pull the logs from your Tablo to find out what happened at that time stamp. This is time sensitive though so the specific logs may have already been cleaned.

Yes, I tried to watch The Voice live from the Live TV screen (from both Tablo Preview and standard Tablo apps on Roku).

The NBC channel (The Voice) has been bulletproof so far (three weeks of Tablo; I live about a mile from the towers). All three recordings looked fine until they died. I do have other channels which can fade.

I filed my original trouble ticket about 14 hours after the problem. I later replied with my MAC address.

It would be interesting to know if any “critical” information was logged.

Last night I watched 60 Minutes on “tape delay” and all went well. So indeed it does not seem to be a problem to watch a program “in tape delay” while it is still recording.

This corroborates the concept that the hard drive “disconnected” momentarily and stopped my three simultaneous recordings.

Is there way any thing I could have done to upset my hard drive while it was recording last Monday night? I was using the Roku apps (both Standard and Preview.

My Tablo has been great except for this problem, so I want to ensure that I am not doing anything to cause this.

@clmssun - Glad to hear things worked out last night.

Unless you’ve stacked your hard drive on top of your Tablo it’s likely that you didn’t do anything and it was just a temporary software glitch with the drive.

Like I said, sometimes updating the firmware on your drive can reduce the frequency of this type of thing so you may want to try that.

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