Watch recorded program without internet

We were having problems with our internet, rotor and everything else was working. Wanted to watch a program that was recorded before our internet problem. The Tablo and Roku were connected to the rotor, the rotor was working like usual, just no internet. The Roku could not connect to the Tablo. Why is internet needed to watch a previous recorded program using Roku?

It’s not, but the current system is not perfect.
The Roku Tablo app uses a local network discovery method to find Tablos on your local network.
That feature normally works great.
However, I noticed that even if my ISP internet service is up, but I reboot my router, my Rokus can’t find my Tablos until I power cycle my Tablos.

When your internet was out, did you reboot your modem and router? If you rebooted the router, sometimes the Roku cannot connect to your local network because it needs to detect a live internet connection to go through it’s normal connection process. This is independent of the Tablo.

I did reset the router. Still had the problem. I just became frustrated and used the tv tuner to watch ota. It could have been the Roku. Thanks for the info.