Watch/Record This Episode Screen is Missing

I’ve had my Tablo Dual Lite for just over a month. I bought a WD 1TB external drive a week ago and have been recording with no problems. I just tried to schedule a recording of a program that starts four hours from now and noticed that the Tablo does not show the watch/record screen anymore. Instead, the Tablo just shows what’s on right now. The Tablo does see the HD and what has been previously recorded.

I just went over my first 30 days, so I don’t have the extended guide anymore as of today. I shouldn’t have to subscribe to that in order to record, should I?

I unplugged the HD, the Roku Ultra and the Tablo and let them sit for a few minutes, then plugged them all back in again, just to see what would happen. Nothing changed. I even rebooted the router.

How can I get the watch/record screen back? I’m using Update 2.2.20. Thanks.

Without the subscription you would basically need to set up a manual recording…

I see. I wonder how I missed that part :slight_smile:
I’m okay now. I signed up for $5/month. It’s worth it. Thanks for your help!

If you like your Tablo and you have the money I would go for the life time guide not only will you have the guide on this Tablo but any other Tablo you purchase in the future. I brought mine used off eBay and bought the life time guide. I think it takes two and a half years for it to pay for itself and in my case it has. I’ve had mine for three years now and if I paid by the month I would still be paying. So I’ve all ready save $30 on the programming guide. Just something to think about.