Watch channel and pull up guide and channel surfing

I made mention of this on FB and was told this was a highly requested feature and that is to be able to watch your show still while also pulling up the guide. Instead of now having to leave the tv channel entirely to see what else is on.
The other night I was sitting there and had another idea and not sure if it’s possible, but I know many people and myself would like a way to “channel surf”. Could the A and B buttons on the Roku be utilized for this function? Channel up and down?

They could use as a guide for the functionality. It would definitely make the painful process of channel surfing slightly less painful.

Not everyone has a Roku remote with A and B buttons, or a Roku device at that, so that probably wouldn’t be a universal solution. I will say however, that it would be nice to be watching a channel, and then like with SlingTV, be able to press the OK button (currently a useless function which just displays the channel number and program you are watching) and have it bring up the channel guide in the lower third, or half of the screen, to which you could then select another channel to change to.

And not everyone has Android tv boxes or Fire Tv. Roku is the only device that doesn’t have to exact same interface as every other device. I’d like to have the tv, movie and sports sections like my iPhone or iPad or the web, but I don’t because it’s not universal, so I don’t see the issue to request a feature that could utilize unused buttons on the remote.

As long as Tablo continues to support the number of different devices they currently do, there probably won’t be any “device-specific” features added any time soon. I have already said in a previous post that Nuvyyo is spreading themselves too thin being how small a company they are and how limited their resources are. They really need to focus on the top two selling devices (namely Roku and AppleTV) so they can create and maintain a better performing and functioning product.

I really like the Sling guide/menu. It was a bit confusing at first, but I dig the functionality of it.

I would love to have a on screen guide! It is more convenient. In the meantime for our main TV viewing in the media room, We just use a cheap tablet with all the media center apps along with the Tablo app. I have the Tablo guide up and running on the tablet. The benefit too is that I can preview something on the tablet before switching channels on the big tv. For me, it works for now.

This is exactly how you want that feature to work.

Yes except the OK/Select button is present across the board on all streaming device remote controls unlike the A & B buttons. This makes it a much better candidate for devices like Tablo to program an on screen guide function into and have it work universally on all devices.

Yes, I don’t want to use the A/B buttons. I would use “ok” or maybe “*” on the Roku.