Watch a recoded show while recording a different show

Can I watch a recoded show which has completed recoding while recording a different show?
Can I watch a show which has NOT completed recording while recording a different show?

Can either of the above be done without screwing something up?

I have a Quad with an External 3TB 5400rpm USB drive

Yes and Yes. It just works.

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You can even record 2 or 4 shows while watching several (maybe up to 6) recorded shows.

The specifics depend on which tablo you have and network setup.

More details on ‘tuner math’ can be found here:

And this part…

and HDMI unit has different specs.

1 Yes
2 depends on the model, some force you to wait of you select the show but you can select the channel instead but it will use two tuners on that same channel and then a third for the other show. It may also depend on the app. I have sometime not been able to watch a show that was still recording.

3 nothing gets screwed up, once set a recording can not even be stopped even of you wanted it to.

  1. You are probably OK but I would have gotten 8 TB. 1 TB fills up quick, it depends on how you use it.

HDMI requires a subscription to access via LAN. I hate it.

Yes, playback does not use a tuner so even of they are busy you can still play a recorded program unless you are using the HDMI version without a subscription, you are blocked from using anything but the single HDMI output. I would NOT have bought it of I had know that but they hide it. I wish I could send it back!