Washington, DC -- can't pickup WETA on Tableau

I live in Rockville, MD. I have strong coverage.
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When I try to watch/record WETA 26-1,26-2,26-3, or 26-4 on my tablo…it says signal is too weak. I receive channel 32 loud and clear. But not 26. I’m using a roof top antenna that is quite old.

Any thoughts?

The tvfool site may be a bit outdated. Try rabbitears.info instead.

Here is a link using your zip code 20845.:


WETA 26-x is located at a 145.2° true bearing and
WHUT 32-x is located at a 113.1° true bearing

a 32 degree difference …

Try using a smart phone app like GPS Test to re-aim your antenna to
somewhere in-between.

With the amount of spread between transmitters you can also try upgrading to an omni-directional antenna which may be more capable of receiving signals from multiple directions.

I am 56 miles from the Washington DC towers in Stephenson VA, and I receive all of the Washington DC UHF stations with a very small amplified antenna indoors on the second level (including WETA and its subchannels), so it is most likely question of signal strength for you. Do you have any TV, DVD recorder, VHS recorder that indicates signal strength when tuning stations? If not, you might have to re-aim your antenna as suggested above blindly by compass direction only to see if reception improves. Other than that, signal strength could be a combination of antenna, amplification, and cabling factors.

In the last channel repack, WETA moved from real channel 27 (LOS) to real channel 31 (2edge). Have you rescanned since that change occurred?

Rescan fixed the problem. THANKS.