Wanting to do a new Channel Scan, but will that delete all scheduled recordings?

New to Tablo… so far loving it!

I wanted to do another Channel Scan but didn’t want to have to setup all my scheduled recordings again. If I do another Channel Scan, will I have to re-set them all up again or do they stay?

I can’t speak for scheduled manual recordings. But for non-manual recording the scheduled recordings list is unaffected unless you remove a channel.

Rescanning and adding the results is an all or nothing event. You can’t added just one channel. You have to re-add all the channels you desire again. The tablo server then re-updates the guide data. Just did it last week after upgrading my antenna.

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Wanted to follow through and let you know that I did do another channel scan and did not lose any recordings or scheduling. I would think at this point that if it didn’t detect, that it might have removed the schedule. But, it worked exactly how I needed it.

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