Wait for ATV Tablo app or goto TiVo Roamio w/Lifetime subscription

I never said you should have to; nevertheless, you do have to. Channel surfing on the Tablo is a ridiculous experience.

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It was not intended to be a live TV streamer.

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It was not intended to be a live TV streamer.

I believe you are correct. The experience strongly argues for your position. Having said that, it’s is hard to say the criticism is unfair as the Tablo home page states:

“A Whole-Home-DVR, Tablo lets you stream live and recorded OTA HDTV content…”

Getting back to the bigger picture, for about $75, one can fix this issue ($25 app, $50 used HDHomerun Dual). Add $40 to substitute a new HDHomerun Connect.

EDIT: Oops! Forgot to mention, this only applies if you already own a new Apple TV.

Comes down to priorities. Tablo is a DVR first and a very good one at that. Like many here that is my primary interest. I record virtually everything I intend to watch and those that I may only want to view in part. I have no buffer issues with recordings.

Wait…what?? I have to throw more hardware into the mix just to do what I expected it to do? If I was going to buy HDHomerun Tuners I would have coupled it with Emby on my NAS. I really didn’t want to get in to all that. I was just looking for a product that could replace my current Dish equipment. If EchoStar made an OTA Hopper with a lifetime guide at a reasonable price I’d consider buying one of those. I’m sure there would probably be a hefty price tag on it but you get what you pay for.

Did you miss the part of my post where I said the following?

Having said that, it’s is hard to say the criticism is unfair as the Tablo home page states: “A Whole-Home-DVR, Tablo lets you stream live and recorded OTA HDTV content…”

Nope. I got it. Just disappointed in the experience I guess. I probably should have waited but the geek in me had to try this thing out. If I knew that they were going to continue improving on the live experience I would probably hang in there but what will probably happen is I will move on to TiVo or something else and this will just hang on my wire as a secondary device or get forgotten.

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Rovi’s base is acquisitions and litigation based on patent infringements. Neither bode well for the future development of TiVo. Another corporate marriage from hell.

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There’s still the Magnivox due out Q4 or earlier if we’re lucky.

Can’t see what they have to offer that isn’t already available from Channel Master for less $$.
Produced by Funai. Best known for second rate hardware.

Spunky 03:
Considered Tivo support?

Last review i heard about the TiVo Amazon app was “well, now it usable”


Does TiVo have remote capability?

6 tuners and stream live or recorded content to iOS and Android. Ability to download recorded content to mobile devices. I try not to knock anything unless I’ve actually tried it. Be tried the Tablo now so it’s fair game.

They have 3 models from 2 tuners to 6 with sharply escalating prices along the way starting at over $400 on up to $600 if I recall correctly.
With Funai as the producer I wouldn’t bet too heavily on the functionality.

That seems to be the going rate for a for a DVR. Sooner or later someone is going to offer a solid hardware device. It doesn’t cost anything to try it for 30 days and with Amazon Prime it’s a no brainer. I went past my 30 with Tablo because I needed more time to evaluate. There is some functionality I do like in the Tablo though so I’ll keep it for now.


Happy to have you lead the way and let us know :). Give it a good workout. I’m leaning more towards TiVo if I decide to make a change.

I don’t get the desire to channel surf. Unlike many here, I do use the Tablo to watch live TV. Rather than flip through the channels, I read the guide and select what I want to watch. It really isn’t that difficult.


What are support hours? Tabloid is 9:30 am - 5:30 pm Monday- Fri. I’m lucky I have every other Friday off. Facing support on Saturday and/or late one or two nights a week will be nice.

I’ve been successful calling during break or lunch. It looks like the Galaxy S7 problem is going to drag on for months. At least now Sprint S7 has joined T-mobile S7.

I’m one of those people who practically lives in the Guide which my wife hates. Still, she’s the one sitting next to me asking “who is that Actress?”. Having to back out of the stream just to check the cast is a real turn off as opposed to pushing a button and having it come up in a window on the TV screen.