Vudu Spark - a Strange Little Device

I’ve never seen that, it is so strange! I’d have bought one for the novelty alone.

I’ve never seen that. I’m not a Vudu consumer, so it’s not anything I’d likely ever\need- but that’s certainly an interesting marketing approach.

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For those (like my girlfriend) who have Fire TV device, it’s a good augment. Not quite sure who their target audience was, but it’s a great little oddity.

:ok_hand: Vudu being a Wal-Mart subsidiary…

Strange Little Device as in the Strange Things you See At Wal-Mart phenomenon that’s clever :cool:

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Still wondering if Walmart will ever try to make a streaming service out of this, or augment it with a rudimentary streaming service of some kind, as they’ve hinted at a few times.

Not too far off topic, Walmart’s online media history: They always has the lowest price. Back in the days of MP3s, Amazon’s download were $0.99 over at you could get them for $0.88! Of course I can still find my music I paid for on Amazon Music. Closet answer Walmart I could find: Important Update: Music Download Service Discontinued.

No music service moving forward Ok, but read on

You will still be able to enjoy the digital music you purchased and downloaded from Your complete purchase history and the ability to authorize/deauthorize DRM-protected WMA files is available once you sign in to your account. Any MP3 files you purchased from Walmart can be moved to multiple new computers, as usual.

Not that I would have ever purchased WMA file, those who have, are SOL (if for some reason still believe win 7 is still alive :poop:)

I thought I was the only one who knew about Walmart’s music service. I purchased a lot of music, still have the WMA files, most of which I’ve converted to MP3. The WMA files play in my car, whether on disc or thumb drive / card, so all the converted MP3s are on a backup drive.

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That is so cool. I love it, wish they still sold these. I have an amazon stick too but thanks to my xbox I get vudu services. But this is cool, wish I had one.

Just get a Roku and you can put the app

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I suspect @Fargogo just liked the :cool: aspect :smiley:

… Strand Things/Devices You See at Wal*Mart

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I already have the app on my xbox one.

Have the app already don’t need a roku.

Can you use other remote controls with this?

I have not tried any universal remotes with this, but it does work in my Caavo (separate story, long story) … which is a unified box with it’s own remote.

The Remote that’s included in the box works very well, it’s sturdy, solid and stable. I might try using one of my Logitech remotes on this one of these days, I’ll let you know how it works out.

This was the what the advertisement looked like back then. I bought mine in 2015, which is probably about the time of this ad.

I got one!! I was talking about the vudu spark to a guy at frys, he had one new in a box, I couldn’t believe it. Sold it to me for $10. I’m gonna put it in my bedroom tv that has a fire stick in it, perfect. Can’t believe it I love this little thing. The remote is good no problem at all and I love it. All these cool things I’m finding out about in tablo forums.

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Just how far are you going to go, 'Go? :poop:

That’s great. So you’ve got Vudu on the Xbox One in your living room and using the Spark to augment your Fire TV stick in your bedroom. Excellent.


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I see a number of sellers on Amazon.