Volume on Tablo?

I’m using the Tablo app on a Roku Streaming Stick and the volume is always so much lower than when I use my Sling app on the Roku! Is this a fault of my setup, the Tablo app or just the nature of the beast? Thanks

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From what I remember on past threads, the Tablo has always been lower volume than other apps.

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Yup this is a known issue. At first I thought it was just my imagination but after reading on here, that seems to be the way Tablo is. I have to remember to lower the volume when I switch from Tablo to Hulu because Hulu has this seriously annoying start up sound. The Hulu sound was loud to begin with but add the fact I have the volume up higher than normal because of Tablo, and ears start to bleed. I actually think Hulu released an update to their app to lower their start up sound because it is not as bad as it use to be, or I have gone deaf.

Each individual has their own Goldilocks principle. Tablo volume may be too low, CBS News too high, and WatchESPN just right.

Thank goodness I still have the ability to move my finger and adjust the volume.


I have Sling and Tablo also, and noticed the same thing. Personally, I just think Sling is loud. I usually watch live TV coming straight from the antenna, and not through Tablo. If I bounce back and forth from Sling to “live” antenna TV, Sling is noticeably louder.

I Believe it’s because the OTA signal is that way(at least in my area). If we have the antenna just hooked up to the TV is the same level of volume is using the Catalog app through our Roku/AppleTV. So why technically yes the Tablo app, I believe it is due to the OTA signal .

I would watch locals OTA also but that would just mean another remote needed. Right now my Roku remote controls both my tv power and soundbar power and volume but it will not switch inputs. This works for me.

My understanding is the conversion of the native AC3 audio to the AAC audio is why the volume on the Tablo is slightly lower than when you watch OTA directly via the HDTV tuner. Now is it because the volume in the AAC stream is actually lower? Or is it the playback of AAC audio just lower on the Roku? I don’t know.

Other DVR units which record the native MPEG2 video and AC3 audio will retain the original volume levels.

I don’t think it’s that simple.

I have one Roku 3 (4200) where the volume is low. I also have one Roku 2 (4210) where the volume is normal. The 4210 is suppose to have the same internals as the 4200 - just different remotes.

The Roku audio settings are the same and both are connect to different models of Panasonic LCD’s. Also, CBS News which is loud on the 4200 is normal on the 4210.

Same experience as @zippy, had a Roku 2XS and the Tablo volume was “normal” (on par with other input sources), when I switched to a Roku 3 I immediately noticed the low volume.

So likely the playback device then.

But I’ve noticed the lower volume on all my devices, Roku, Fire TV, iPad, iPhone, and Chrome browser on desktop.

I don’t think so. I’m sure different users have different sound issues. And these could exist on any OTT app/channel.

My tablo low sound problem is limited to Roku 3 (4200) - high sound CBS News. And not the Fire TV stick on the same device.

I use basic Amazon HDMI cables. When I switch my Panasonic to a brand new Sony at Christmas the same sound conditions remained.

Next guess.