Volume Level - Roku TV Tablo App

So I’ve noticed that I have to turn up the volume when watching/using the tablo app. So much so if I switch to netflix or hulu I have to turn it down by like 5 - 10 “clicks” (tablo at 20 on vol, whereas the others are on 13).

Is there a setting I’m missing or just the way it works?

This is on a TCL Roku TV running the Tablo App.

It’s a known issue for some users. Tablo support maintains that the Tablo doesn’t change the native volume when it transcodes, but for whatever reason, it is lower than normal for some.

I can’t really tell a difference. I don’t alter the volume on my TVs between playing Netflix (and other Roku apps) and playing the Tablo app.

I see a big difference on mine, from Tablo at 40 on my TV to Netflix at 20. I am surprised you don’t see any difference. Almost makes me wonder if it is hardware issue not identified yet

Noticed the same thing but on nvidia shield tv. So must not only be roku.

Yep, it is definitely an issue on all platforms I have tried. There is about a 15 point difference in volume level to reach the same output comparing Tablo to Hulu. I think Tablo said that it is a hardware limitation and their hardware manufacturer has no interest in helping them fix it :frowning:

This hasd been mentioned numerous times, and they say that they can’t simply increase the sound, though I’m positive most, if not all would be extremely hasppy if they did. How about it @TabloSupport?

Or put in a control. My Roku channels are all about the same volume but when I switch to the TV’s “Antenna” input, it’s really low and I have to turn it up several clicks from the “Cable” input which is what my Roku is on. Sometimes I forget to turn it down before I switch back and it nearly blows my TV’s speakers and freaks the heck out of me!

Hey folks - We have indeed looked at this. Unfortunately there are only two options with our current hardware…

Option 1 - Keep things the same.

Option 2 - Make it twice as loud.

Twice as loud seems like it would result in the opposite problem and we don’t want the majority of folks doing this:

In my case it is about double :stuck_out_tongue:
Is there a way to make this a setting to enable???

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@Jestep - It would be a chip-level thing so it would have to be a ‘for everyone’ option.


I think mine is about double as well, I’ll have to verify. I wonder if you could double it on the source (Tablo) then cut it down to 2/3 on the client.

assuming volume is linear on my tv then yeah mine is nearly double as well. setting of 12 (± a couple) to about 21 or 22 I noticed last night.

I understand the reluctance to force this change on everyone. In my case, I easily need to double my TV volume when watching Tablo to get to the same volume levels as shows from Netflix or Amazon. In fact, most the time is spent with the volume at max level.

Roku 3

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The way it works. Not a biggy for me as long as the signal/noise ratio isn’t an audible issue. I get decreased volume but no way near 2/1 from direct to TV input vs Tabo. Some Apps like You Tube will vary wildly depending on source material.

I use 2 Roku 3s and an NP and have no significant volume changes from tv to Tablo.

Forget it!

I’d love to have an option to double the volume on the web app - on my laptop, I have Tablo’s Chrome Tab set to 100% and my output volume set to 100%, and the volume is still WAY too low. I can’t make it louder, because it only goes up that high!

I’d love it too. I forgot to LOWER volume using anothet Roku channel after Tablo and it was MUCH TO LOUD. @TabloTV PLEASE

The return of the volume level discussion that has been going on for around two years. It’s the goldilocks argument. It’s too high for some, too low for others, and even just right for a few.

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