Voice Sync Issues

I’m streaming on my Roku and the voice and lips aren’t synced. They seem off by as much as 10 seconds.

What is the fix?

I have seen this on my Roku, but thankfully rarely. If I recall, I went to settings, power, and restart the unit. You can also unplug it but I find the menu easier. That is what has worked for me.

This happened to me recently with my Roku Ultra installed on my Samsung HD TV. It only happened on certain recorded shows and It was driving me crazy (especially since they worked fine on my 4K Sony Android TV). I remember that the recording would start out correctly, then there was a black screen flash, then the voice sync was way off and the recording appeared to be in a slower motion. Again, it only happened on certain newer shows (i.e. Quantum Leap), the old TV shows worked fine. If restarting the unit doesn’t help (as previously suggested), maybe you can try what worked for me:

I found that changing “Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced Display Settings > Auto-Adjust Display Refresh Rate” from ON to OFF resolved the problem completely.

Good luck!

Was that Roku or TV settings you changed?

The settings that I described were on my Roku Ultra 4640X

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Thank you! We have tried various things and can’t seem to get it to work. Hopefully this does the trick!

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Good luck!

We recently got a Tablo. Had horrible pixalation and buffering on the app through our firestick. Worked fine on our phones though. Found the secret to fixing it was to turn off the antenna amplify option. Now it works fine.

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Sounds like you were over-driving your tuners.

Voice video sync is ‘off’ when OTA recording starts in the middle of an episode. It recovers on the following recording. Example:

  1. Set to record 1 hour OTA in prime time on CBS to external USB.
  2. Since sports can delay prime time, add the next 1hour OTA show on CBS.
    Result on playback on Roku, Firestick or iOS:
  3. Audio is 3-20 seconds ahead of video on 1st recording from beginning. No Restart, FF, REW fix - file is corrupt.
  4. Audio-video in sync on 2nd recording.

A couple things:

  • If you’re using an external drive, it might be the HD.
  • Sometimes a quick low signal glitch can cause this.
  • Because you’re splitting recordings, it’s receiving a fresh signal – or maybe using a different tuner – for the second half.

You can change recording settings for an entire series or individual show. This means instead of recording two shows, just add an extra half hour or more to the one you’re trying to catch.

For possible low signal issues, run another channel scan, check your signal strength, and make adjustments as necessary.

This is a rather frequent occurrence on CBS Sunday prime time, but ONLY in that case (IMO, not OTA glitch or HDD). I will add the 1 hour slot before as well as after - thanks.