Voice narration


Does it also happen if you set 5.1 to ‘off’ on your Tablo?

That may be your best bet until they fix this :frowning:


That’s what I am trying now… problem is not every show has the second audio in it. I have another show setup for prime time to record tonight. Last night’s dancing with the stars had no voice narration either way… Live, recording with and without 5.1 on


Darn… that did not help. Turned off 5.1 surround sound still had voice narration come through.

Anyone using tablo in syracuse market? Are you seeing same thing on fox prime time recordings?


Was the recording created when you had 5.1 on?

Keep in mind that recordings will keep the audio track they were recorded with. There is no conversion.


No it was a new recording from last night with surround sound 5.1 turned off 1st


Super weird. They must be transmitting the Described Video on both channels then.


Why is the tablo recording dv? It’s not there when watching live.


The Tablo DVR is only recording the main audio track. The TV station must have swapped the main audio track with the secondary audio track (Described Video).


I hear both on recorded programs only. Normal characters voices and voice narration. But only on recorded programs not live


Narration over normal dialogue is how described video works.

By live, you mean live programming like sports. Normally, there is no described video for live programming.

If you want to know more about Described Video, I suggest you have a look at the Wikipedia page for Described Video Service.


Sorry for confusion when I said live I meant watching programs while they aired not recorded. Dv is only heard on recordings not when watching shows while they air.


I find this a huge issue with no fix. All prime time recordings on syracuse fox have voice narration imbedded in it


It sounds like you could be receiving an audio track with descriptive audio in it. If you remove and re-add the channel to your Tablo’s lineup, do you experience the same problem on new recordings?


Ah yeh… and syracuse fox has no plans to turn it off. They turned that track on because of complaints with the other sound track they were using. I have no issues when watching programs live just when I record a program using my tablo. I guess I am the only tablo user in syracuse recording the local fox channel… vn is very annoying


We are seeing it in Tucson ABC. Surround sound is not on and have reloaded channel recently. Still having problem. I have seen it on live tv as well as recorded tv. Can you help?


Good luck. It is very annoying I may need to look into other ota dvr options


My tablo fixed its self or my local fox station stopped broadcasting vn