Voice commands using Fire TV and Tablo

Been using the TABLO App with Amazon Fire TV 2nd edition. I’m trying to use the voice search feature to switch to the Tablo app while using the PlayStation Vue app. Almost always, it responds by finding results for “tableau” whatever. Anyone found the proper phraseology necessary to accomplish the opening of the Tanlo app?

Also, wondering if Tablo tech support has been in communication with Amazon counterparts regarding this issue?

That’s an interesting problem for AI and machine learning in the voice command age when two companies have the same sounding product (Tablo and Tableau). With the eye those can be distinguished; with the ear and voice?

The ironic thing is that the CEO of Tablo came up with a totally unique corporate name but not product name.

I experience the same thing. I filled out a feedback report through the Alexa app for what little good that did.

The thing that is annoying is that there is no Tableau app so Alexa isn’t confused between two possible choices - if it were, it would probably let you pick between them at least. Alexa is just interpreting the Tablo sound to be Tableau, can’t find it, and doesn’t come up with any reasonable matches (you get some movies and things that who knows how they were picked) - and it just doesn’t attempt to search for any other spelling.

I have even tried goofy mispronunciations of Tablo, but they don’t work either.

I don’t know that there is anything Tablo can do about this. I think this is on the Alexa developers over at Amazon. But perhaps the more people who use the Alexa feedback to report the problem, the better chance someone will look at it. I am not holding my breath, though.


Surfing I’ve found this -

Where they say-

Launch & Play
You can say this. . . .

Launch the app [title]

Open the [title] app

I had no luck with either choice, BUT-

Using…Turn On Tablo App works.