Vlc Apple TV 4 app streams tablo recording via url

I made a video about the new vlc app for the Apple TV 4 . In the app you can insert a url you get from any live or recorded tablo m3u8

See video here http://youtu.be/Hk9sgOos-x4

What do you think?

I might have a reason to finally unbox my AppleTV4 …

I saw VLC but wasnt sure what you could do with it… thanks!..

plus I didnt realize in safari you can right click and download the video.

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When you stream the m3u8 from the Tablo, what format is the video? Is it the native MPEG-2 that comes in from the antenna and is saved by the Tablo in that format, or is it transcoded by Tablo before being streamed? Since VLC can play MPEG-2, a streaming of the MPEG-2 seems optimal.

The Tablo by design encodes all broadcasts into MPEG4 before streaming them to a device live or saving it as a recording. So no, you don’t get the original MPEG2 broadcast on any device from the Tablo.

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As far as I know they are m3u8 ffmpeg

I know there’s a way to get the actual recording but haven’t gotten that far

Great toturial. At work so only had the captions on so apologize if I missed it, is there a way to get the URL/m3u8 from Chrome (windows and ChromeOS user here)? I’m hoping to use those live streams is I can get them without a Mac. Thanks.