Vizio tv with no coxial or tuner

I have a Vizio tv with no coxial or tuner. I purchased the tablo with 2 tuners. I have read all the instructions but cant get my tablo to connect to my wireless. Any suggestions?

How are you trying to watch Tablo? Do you have a Roku? Or a fire stick/Apple TV? Or are you trying to cast it?

I have a vizio without a tuner and I use my Roku to watch. I can cast it, but I like the prefer the Roku for ease of use.

I tried to install the Tablo, then the Roku and the tablo will not connect to my wifi> I am open for suggestions. Thank you for your help.

You need to use a laptop or some other computer that has wifi so you can connect to the Tablo so you can teach it your wifi password. I don’t think you can do that with your Roku.

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