Viewing Live &Recordings overseas?

I have setup my Tablo, and ‘connected’ both my laptop and phone to my box. I have successfully been able to remotely view content… will it work when I go to London tonight? I really want to watch some AMERICAN football game tomorrow - not just soccer!

Yes it will work, unless you’re staying in a hotel that blocks the necessary ports for Tablo Connect. Of course, the internet also has to be fast enough to stream.

An Internet connection is an Internet connection .

1a) Do you know which ports I’d need?
1b) Is there any work around if they do block?

  1. With Amazon and Netflix, internet is NOT internet. They detect where you are and won’t let me view anything since my license is only good in the US/Canada

Yes this is personally recorded content. No licensing issue for your own personal viewing.

No if the hotel blocks the ports, you’re SOL.

I have used my Tablo in London (and other cities in Europe) just fine. I have never had a hotel block the ports that the Tablo uses. The toughest thing is getting enough bandwidth to watch anything, though some hotels there do have pretty good internet.

I spent time in southern and northern Europe over the summer. Tablo connect worked fine. Internet bandwidth was a bit problematic at times. This is another reason offline viewing would be welcome. You could download a complete show on poorer quality connection, then watch the show offline with full quality. Offline viewing is still on the roadmap I hope.

Thanks, all! I can now go confident that I’ll be able to personally witness the Redskins self-destruction.

Agree on the surprisingly poor internet in London and Paris (Germany seems to generally be better)… and the need for downloading content.