View the Guide while watching live TV

I don’t know if this is possible, but if it is I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it. I’d like to be able to view the live TV guide without navigating away form the channel I’m watching. Is this a feature Tablo has?


Not that I’ve seen. Would love to see a Mini Guide while watching Live TV

I fully agree, this is a needed feature.

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The feature is there on the web app on Windows PCs. Just press the down arrow icon in the top right to see the guide. After you are done, just hit the up arrow icon to bring it back.

I guess I should have mentioned that I’m using the Roku 3 Tablo Preview app.

The Tablo folks usually make the most changes to the web browser since it is the easiest and quickest way to make changes. If functionality works well there, then they will consider moving it to other platforms.

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This is sooo very needed. My #1 feature request (after getting a stable 2.2.2 release so I dont keep getting the 'Loading…; stuff)

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The Tablo folks said they will be working to make all UI the same as much as possible. Of course this means Roku will not work away from home unless and until a login to validate is created since Roku doesn’t have a Tablo Connect.

This feature would be great to have. My wife is always asking me for the laptop or ipad to see what else is on while streaming through our smartTv.

Using Fire TV. This is the second most annoying issue, behind the long buffering process. Please enhance this on all platforms.

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This is the one thing I miss the most from my previous DVRs

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I have Plex and would love to able to hit the left arrow when viewing Tablo, and access a live feed of channels with a preview of the show I was watching before accessing the guide. The Pluto app for Roku manages to do this, while offering free internet channels. You an also hit the up arrow to see what you are watching at that exact time, read the description, title, etc which is also nice.

I know this is an old thread, but we just cut the cord and switched to Tablo and SlingTV. I would also like to see this feature request implemented soon, it takes a lot of button pushing to go from viewing live tv to get back to the guide.

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I been researching and found that the Plex server with HD HomeRun can do this. I’m debating about investing in that setup since I already have Plex Pass. Makes we wish I Knew this.

Everyone has their own solution but I tried the Plex DVR/Live TV route (using an Extend) and in my opinion it’s still not near as stable as Tablo. It has more UI options in some areas yes, and I wish this request was present in the Tablo apps right now, but it’s not worth the trade off in stability for me. In the future, who knows.

HDHomerun also now has their own Live TV app & DVR service. I asked on here a little while ago if anyone had any experience with it & got no replies, so I have no idea how well it works &/or what features it has.

I looked into HDHomerun a couple months ago before going with Tablo. I wanted to but didn’t try their DVR service, because it appeared you had to pay for a whole year. I just wanted to do a trial. The HDHomerun guide is a slicer-out overlay, that I think does give the ability to browse while watching a show.

However, there are some things to note. HDHomerun must be plugged in via ethernet cable to your router, while simultaneously plugged into your antenna. I couldn’t come up with a good way to locate the hardware so that I would have our dsl modem, antenna, and router all together without cable runs in order to get good reception.

Additionally, the HDHomerun doesn’t natively support Roku or remote streaming. More on this is a moment. And finally, the DVR service needs a computer or server always on. This can potentially make the initial investment a bit high.

I tried the HDHomerun/plex combo, thinking it would be the best of both worlds, but again, a reasonably powerful server or computer must be available (transcoding will be needed for Roku or remote streaming). If someone is already running a dedicated plex server and has a plex pass, it would be a great solution to consider. Also, and I realize there are lots of updates happening, but the live TV interface in plex was not great. I’m a firm believer in a traditional or vertical guide for browsing live TV. At the time, browsing shows was quite cumbersome.

I returned the HDHomerun and got the Tablo Dual. For the price, having everything in one unit made things much simpler, in addition to being able to place the Tablo in a location that gives great antenna reception. I too hope more of the standard DVR features are implemented, but for now, this has been a very nice solution. The DVR and recording is generally phenomenal, aside from some potential issues possibly related to the recent Roku firmware update. There’s another thread on that.

Well, I hope this helps. If someone has additional experiences, it’d be great to hear about them.

Lots of options to consider! I’m certain things will get better over time, but for now, the Tablo is a great solution at our house. It’s also simpler to maintain and operate, making it attractive for the non-tech people in the family (always a consideration).

Happy cord cutting!