View Guide/Recordings while watching

Is it possible for Tablo to some day add the ability to View Live/Guide/Recordings while watching live or recorded shows? I know it’s different technology than a DVR, like Dish or cable but I don’t know if it could be done. If so I would be willing buy an upgrade. Maybe with additional tuners? Like, be able to schedule a recording while watching a show, or select and seitch to a different live or recorded show from the one that is playing. Either a picture in picture, or split screen…

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The “watch tv in corner while surfing guide” functionality is a favorite thing about my current cable-TV Moxi HD-DVR which I’m trying to replace with an OTA HD-DVR setup zero-monthly-cost setup.

I’ve tried HD Homerun&Extend but only with sony PS3 & mobile-device rendering, and without any DVR function.

I’ve decided to try Tablo, but if it fails for the live-TV & DVR use-cases I may look at TIVO next since they have improved (removed) their subscription requirement for OTA people and the OTA roamio.

Well, they haven’t exactly removed it, they’ve just built it into the initial cost of the TiVo OTA units. While that’s definitely an improvement from how it used to be, the primary reason we switched from TiVo to Tablo is I already had other streaming devices (i.e. Roku and Android TV) that would work with Tablo and I didn’t want to have to buy TiVo Mini units in order to be able to watch access the TiVo from other TVs.

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So, it seems like if they could do picture in a picture, probably requires another tuner, that they might be able to let us view/manage the guide/recordings/live show selection. I can live without it but it would be awesome. For a family that is used to it, (17 years) it’s a loss. But, I’m never going back to Dish - crazy expensive, still get glitches and outages, DVR breaks down and all recorded shows are lost. If you have an external drive - guess what, you can have problems getting those shows onto the replacement DVR sometimes. There service and support SUCKS! Nothing is perfect. Tablo is pretty sweet. Looks like HD quality even when it isn’t. The thumb nails in FF/REW are nice. I like them better than the Dish DVR. Netflix has it now but most other apps don’t. You pay for Tablo once and NO monthly cost. I am only in Tablo a few months but very pleased. I did not know there was a way to use Tivo with no monthly cost, even for OTA. Would like to hear more about that…

This is a pretty popular feature request and something we chat about regularly.

The hard part is figuring out how to make it happen across the wide variety of platforms that we have now, since all of them have different behaviors/requirements.

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