Video Tour (new) of OG (non 4th gen) Networked Tablo

Me showing off some of the features of the older OG networked Tablo devices. Both the browser and Android phone interfaces.


  • Recording/transcoding differences between OG and 4th gen and “why”
  • Remote Live TV and playback via Tablo Connect
  • Some tuner math
  • Closed captions (hit or miss)
  • Use of 3rd party tools like Surlatablo

“Gobbledygook” I’ll have to check out when I’m not multi-tasking. ;-).

Was an interesting watch – thanks for sharing.

I noticed one area where the legacy devices excelled is incorporating the provided guide data into multiple aspects of the recording. These new ones seem to lose that information very quickly – not to mention there are too many steps to retrieve it.

Are the recording settings universal or individually set according to program?

You did a really good job explaining things, maybe a little too in-depth at times, but it was pretty easy to follow (likely easier if I didn’t watch everything on 1.5x!) You’re a smart guy and I know that many will find the extra information useful. I appreciate the time you took in making the video and am glad you shared it with us. Thanks!

The recording quality is global. So, if set, even surround sound, what you get is what it is at the time of the setting.

So, if set 1080p 10mbps (highest), your next recording of a 1080i source will be done at that highest level. Then if you reduce to the 720p recommended, the next time you record, even a 1080i source, you’ll get a 720p recording. So, it’s global. So it’s possible to change the value over time and end up with a multitude of variances for a given scheduled series (for example) if you keep changing the setting during the duration of that series season (for example).

So, if you set 720p as your default, is this also how a 480p station will record?

Tablo tells me it will do lower for the lower resolution stations. So, it’s more like a “cap” on settings.

You rock with that KDE Plasma desktop! :computer: (no, I drifted off with mate)

Been a SUSE user since… well beginning of time almost.

I switched to them when I met talked with them at a conference. The fact that “we could talk” (that is, we could comprehend each other) was refreshing. Probably around the SUSE 4.x days (?) A long long long time ago. Back when that had the new USA presence (which they got rid of). I think before Red Hat even went public (?)…

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Thanks for making the video. I happen to already know most of what you said but hopefully others will find it quite helpful.

I didn’t know that recording in 1080p used two tuners though. Good thing I like the balance of image quality vs. storage space requirement provided by the 720p (5mbps) option.

I also found the quick demo of Surlatablo interesting. (I use CLIs sometimes but prefer GUIs.)

Yeah, the default HTML5 video player closed captions are rather ugly (e.g. what’s with the thin gap between the background of the lines of text?). What options would you like to have for the captions?

Mostly just options for “size” (of font, line height) and “position”. The rest I think I can deal with really.

Hmm. You like having a fully opaque background for captions? Would you please explain in more detail what position options you’d like to have?

I’m just saying I can live with it over size and position issues. Sure, opacity, color… nice to haves. Just don’t give me those first :slight_smile:

I don’t believe it’s that straight forward or cut 'n dry. There are 2 options for 1080
image, Isn’t it just for the 60fps setting?

Since they overhauled their site my bookmarks are screwy. Found the support article here:

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Thought I made it clear it’s just the highest end option.

Oh you did (I just re-watched that section). I apparently wasn’t paying enough attention at the time and also wrote my reply here hours later. djk44883 thanks for your clarification as well. :smile:

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Adding tour of OG Tablo using the Roku UI, and yes, you will see a bug, but it’s pretty functional.

The reason I’m doing this “now”, is that OG Tablo videos that are out there are sort of dated with regards to fixes and performance, etc.

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