Video stuttering while watching a show being recorded

A few weeks ago I got rid of the Unable to load video messages by going from wifi to Ethernet. Thanks to the helpful friends at Tablo! I use a Tablo Lite with a Sony TV.

A few days ago, I had scheduled a show to record last night. I then decided to watch that show while it was being recorded. The first hour went smoothly. But suddenly I had frequent occurences of 1-second stuttering events. After a few minutes, I realized I had to get rid of the problem.
I went to the Recording screen and stopped the recording proces. From then on, everything worked fine for the rest of the show. I usually watch shows only when they are fully recorded but I remember seeing a similar situation months ago. No one else was using the Tablo at the time.

Is the Tablo powerful enough to handle that type of watching? What can be the cause?

I am wondering if your HD is not able to keep up, what kind of HD are you using?

I bought a 1 TB WD Passport in December 2018.

Temporarily try another HD if you have it. A weak power supply is another possibility.(Tablo sells them for around $10 I think).

Edit:. The power supplies are $12, here’s a link

Trying another HD, even temporarily, would be a worthwhile test. It’s possible this could be a coincidence, but this test should help you confirm that.

Would anything recorded on the previous HDD be at risk of being inaccessible to the Tablo once put back in service? Or are you fine as long as you put the original HDD back in service before overnight processing? Or… does the Tablo rebuild it’s database based on what is recorded on the currently connected HDD?

Was hanging back to see if @TabloSupport would answer, but I’ve swapped hard drives as a test with no issues, but I’ve never left the drives swapped overnight. If you do a test recording on a test hard drive, and then swap the hard drives back, Tablo will show that recording in your listings - but of course you won’t be able to play. Just delete it.

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Thanks for your comments!

I had forgotten that some months ago, I had this stuttering problem!.

I deleted and reloaded the Tablo app (Preview) I then went back to watching the show and it worked perfectly!.

I am under the impression that once in a while the Tablo app gets somewhat corrupted and needs reloading! I will certainly try that if it happens again!

Glad you figured it out! The video stuttering can be really annoying.