Video skips. I don't dknow whats wrong

I need help figuring out why my tablo isn’t recording correctly. This is what I’ve eliminated so far…

Not a network issue: The recorded file seems to be the problem. The video always skips in the same place when rewinding or playing again.

Not a hard drive issue: The same problem occurs while watching live TV. Even after factory reset and setting up as new without using a hard drive.

I figure it’s either my antenna setup or the Tablo itself. I am getting full reception of all channels I want during channel scan. I am in a first floor apartment I am using a Mohu Curve indoor antenna. I have it placed on top of a 6 foot bookshelf right next to a window. The antenna is facing out the windows towards the towers. This is the best placement for me since outdoor placement is not an option. All the towers I want to use are about 12 miles away, within line of sight, and within 10 degrees of each other from my location. I have tried different antennas with and without amps, and just get the same results. I feel like this should work. Please help.

Sounds like you’ve ruled out quite a few of the basics. If you get in touch with our support team, they’ll get some details from you to get to the bottom of this. You can send them a ticket here.

I don’t know that you can yet rule out the hard drive, or its USB cable, as live TV will make us of the drive when connected so you can pause and rewind live TV. You might try disconnecting your hard drive and seeing if that solves your live TV issue. Also, when you did your Tablo channel scan, did all channels show strong, in the green signals?

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: Yeah, the problem still exists without the hard drive connected. I didn’t mention it in my original post, but the problem occurs on all front end devices I’ve tried (Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Windows Store App, and Android App). The tablo is connected via ethernet, and I even ran an ethernet cable to my Fire TV for troubleshooting and it made no difference. I’ll include screenshots of my channel scan. The only channels I want are 3 (CBS), 10 (NBC), 13 (ABC), 27 (CW), and 43 (FOX). I deselect the rest.

Looks like tht eliminated the hard drive as an issue, and possibly your antenna as well, tho there can be fluctuations in signal level during the day for various reasons. I assume this happens on all channels. Anyway, that seems to leave your router and the Tablo. you didn’t mention which router you have, but in my case, my original router was inadequate, and I ended up upgrading, to a TP Link Archer C7, which at the time was one of the decent routers that could be had for a good price. So, if your router isn’t up to the task, to get an idea if that might be the issue, you could try reducing your record quality setting from the recommended quality to see if there’s any improvement.

Hey, thanks again for the reply. Yeah, it occurs on all channels. I’m starting the think it is the Tablo. I’m hoping it is anyway. I sent a tech support request to Tablo. I use a Google Wifi router and have never had any issues with it at all. I have the tablo connected using ethernet and I temporarily connected my Fire TV using ethernet as well just to troubleshoot and that made no difference. I’ll lower the recording quality all the way just for the hell of it and see what happens. Thanks for the help.