Video and Audio out of sync

When watching Live TV the video is a few seconds behind the audio. I have noticed others have this same problem. Is there a fix for it?


I had that happen briefly on my ROKU 4. Resetting the ROKU Fixed it.


hellbound which device? I had the problem on the web app using Chrome. Some had success using instead of I had mixed results on both.

Same issue here, using Table 2 tuner to router to Nexus Player, all wireless.

Any suggestions?

Very rarely this happens to me (usually with live sports it seems). When I back out then resume playback it’s fine. Takes less than 2 seconds.

Same experience here.

This is something we are working on.

@getcashmoney’s workaround is a good solution in the interim.

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Is this audio sync problem have been solved ? It’s important for me to know it before buying a Tablo pvr.

I don’t have any audio sync problems, mate. I mostly use the Roku but also the iPad and the Chrome programme on occasion.