Victoria BC Channel Selection

I am 80’ above sea level and wonder what your experience has been for channel selection? Any thoughts/comments?

Hope you get a response but your best bet might be to buy an antenna and try it out. It varies depending in which way you’re facing, the trees and buildings around. Not just sea level.

Over the Air - OTA. What channels can you get now with an antenna and your TV? Where the best OTA placement is for your antenna, the Tablo can be near that with access to your home network. The Tablo box does not connect to your tv, just the OTA antenna. I get 4 English language networks - CBC, CTV, Global and TVO (Ontario) so just use the 2 tuner Tablo and USB hardrive upstairs. An Apple Tablet 2nd Gen iOS7 is downstairs using an Apple HDMI adapter with HDMI to the TV.

I understand that the Tablo connects to the antenna and then will get to my Roku via Router, (wiFi or Wired) and ultimately my TV. My issue here is if I can’t get the big networks (FOX, NBC, CBS etc) via Tablo, then I am hard pressed to cut the cord.

I didn’t realize I could buy an antenna and hook it to my TV to see what I can get, although buying an antenna to “Test” and then if it doesn’t work…

I really would love to hear from anyone in my area. How the signal strength, picture quality and what it your channel lineup. Sorry Spark but if I could only pull in what you are getting, it’s hard to rationalize the cost.

I find people get attached to cable vision, specific channel, specific sow; even with the rising costs. I don’t find shows on the big American networks worth the on-going expense. My hard drive from Tablo recordings is filling up faster than I can watch them. I am not a collector and don’t need every episode produced. If you like what you get with Netflix, HULU+, US Network Channels, perhaps Tablo would be a disappointment. The 4 tuners can only do 4 things at once, record 3 shows and watch one. Syncing takes time, switching channels isn’t instant. Roku users seem to like Plex. If you can’t currently get the big networks OTA, Tablo is only that good.