Very long time rendering menu

While I appreciate the visual of the grid - doing a channel scan is tedious as best. All the graphics and meta data is taking a huge amount of time each time a user attempts to navigate from channel to channel. Up to a minute.
( I’m running w nearly a gig fiber into my house.).
Is there an option to disable the meta data and simple have show titles only ?
Also, like pandora will default to the last channel and start playing , is there an option to have the app launch the last played channel while meta data, etc updates in the background ?


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Which device are you using? I assume it is an Android FireTv device (or stick) or an Android TV device.

I know on my FireTv, it takes just a few seconds to load the TV grid.

Also know that your internet speeds have no effect on running the Tablo inside your home. It is all based on your home network gear, though if you have gig fiber into your home, you likely have a decent router, even if it is by the internet provider.

Fire tv & Fire TV stick
My LAN is gig all the way around.

Strange. I can browse the live TV guide, and it takes just a second or two to look at the description of each channel.

How many channels do you have? I just have 9 set up on my Tablo. If you have 20 or more, that might explain the long load times.

Maybe 14 or 15 channels.

It seems to render all the meta data each time the guide is accessed. Apparently the design isn’t allowing any form of cache of data to occur- creating the need to fetch each time.
IMHO - the fact that I have 5 channels or 50 should be irrelevant if all I want to do is change a channel. To force the access and reload of the Guide each time is horribly inefficient to achieve the simple action of going to a new channel.

I understand the need to buffer each channel before playing. What I’d like to eliminate is the constant need to buffer a fresh reload of ALL the guide info each time I back into it.

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I have 20 channels and the live TV grid loads quickly on my Fire TV Stick which is connected wirelessly.

Are you running any funky switches between your front end devices and the router?

Thank youl…I’ve been requesting that since I’ve had it.

@Ray_Cline If I understand what you are saying, the Live TV Guide should not refresh when backing into it from a currently viewed live channel. On FireTV and Roku, when I go back to the guide from a currently tuned channel, the entire guide is there and searchable - no refreshing at all.
If I’m just launching the Tablo app on FireTV or Roku and select Live TV, or switching from Recordings to Live TV, then the guide starts from scratch and populates - but in the latest release for FireTV and the Roku Beta, that is really just a matter of under 5 seconds to fully populate (I have just 15 channels). On the Chrome browser on a PC or Chromebook, it takes just a couple of seconds (literally under 2 seconds).

I agree. Live TV guide generally takes a long time to load. Or sometimes doesn’t load for 2+ minutes so I navigate away to get it to restart the load.

Yes …Same experience

Just installed NEW 4 tuner DVR 4/16/19. Seems to work fine with one exception. Live in Dallas and have 20+ channels. Running Tablo Preview on FireStcks (5) and when I want to go from channel 4 down to 49, which is about 25 lines, it takes quite a while for the GUIDE to load. Thats on the old Tablo app and Preview.

For cable stuff I use Philo’s (and others I tried Sling, Pluto, Fubu) live guide and its immediate when you scroll down 25 lines.

So why is Tablo’s guide so slow?

Which generation of Fire TV Stick? I noticed very slow app performance on the 1st gen Stick.

THey are all Gen2. All but one are on ethernet the other is wifi. When I click live TV is takes 20 seconds to load the first 15 channel lines and does not include the description of the program on the first highlighted channel. Then it takes 40 seconds to load the next 6, then 40 more to load the next 6, then 15 to load the last 1. NextPVR loads than all immediately and so does Titan TV. I have witnessed this on three separate firesticks on 3 separate TV’s. I am not sure about PLEX but I think it loads them immediately as well. I quit using PLEX becasue there was way too much pixelation and support team was in NEVER NEVER land on help. I’ve tried them all including HDHomerun. Philo is my cable source and it loads fast as does Directv which is what I am trying to get rid of. When I use my PC with mytablotv and Chrome it is fast and works fine except I don’t get the description.