Very Disappointed in 4th Gen Promise

Purchased 4th Gen For Christmas present. Received it just before Hhollidays. Installed After New Years.
My Tv’s are Samsung. When I ordered it, Samsung app was being developed and would be available in the future. Yesterday, I looked to see if the status of the Samsung app had changed.

To my shocking surprise, according to this forum, all development for any support of, or developemnt of a Samsung app for Tablo devices has been terminated. My return limit for a Best Buy ordered Tablo TV ends Tomorrow. Is this true? If so, What do I do now?

I am not sure why you think that. Samsung app is still listed as “coming soon”,

The development for a Samsung app on the legacy Tablo was terminated a while ago, so maybe you saw some old threads about it.

In the meantime, you can get a Roku, FireStick, Chromecast, or AndroidTv device to use the Tablo with your tv.

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Even tho I’m a Samsung fanboy… but I know my TVs have horrible wireless cards in them. The range is horrible. Even though I’d love to use 1 remote for it all (Samsung), I stashed my Samsung remote in a drawer and bought a Roku Ulta. 4k+ device isn’t too bad either.

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Just past halfway down: * Different App Support
The new Tablo app experience does not currently support Apple TV, Samsung TIZEN smart TVs, or LG webOS smart TVs. Those apps, as well as an app for Vizio SmartCast smart TVs, will be available in the coming months. The 4th generation Tablo and the new Tablo app experience do not currently offer support for PC or MAC.

At some point there will be a native Samsung app for the 4th gen Tablo. For now, Samsung TV owners have to use a set-top box to use a Tablo.

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So which is it. Is development elminated, or at some point there will be a native samsung app.
Remember when I signed up for the early release, it was a future. I’m Still very disappointed. Ever heard of bate and switch.

For the 4th gen, there is a planned Samsung app.

Many things are said to planned for this. But so far it is only smoke. No comments from Tablo. No apps for the missing platforms.

A plan is not a schedule. I guess you should buy a product based on the already existing features and apps.

So I have an older Samsung (2018 UN82NU8000) TV that has a tablo app.
Am I correct in my understanding that this app will not work with a Version 4 Tablo?

Yes, you are correct.

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But as you know Apple TV is coming first

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We are probably going to drop Directv, so I need to find a dvr solution.

What is the best way to get Tablo V4 to my Samsung?
( recording reliability, picture quality, remote capability, easy of install and cost)
Roku 4k?
How about just mirroring the screen from my Samsung phone to the Samsung TV?
I did that with a movie a long time ago, and it seemed ok IIRC, but it was too long ago to be sure.


@dougt My primary TV is a 75" Samsung. I have my Tablo 4th Gen wired to an access point of my mesh network. The mesh access point then distributes the Tablo signal across my wifi network.

I have the latest gen version of FireTV Cube connected to the Samsung. Download the 4th Gen TabloTV app to the Cube and use it to access shows recorded OTA.

Had a few hiccups in the first couple of weeks, but Tablo made a few tweaks to the FireTV version of the TabloTV app and playback has been rock solid since.

Good luck. Cheers.


Chrosmcast with GoogleTV is my best for 4th gen. Roku works with Legacy