Very choppy

When I try to watch a show on my iPhone with the app it is extremely choppy. The reception on the antenna for the channel shows green. But it doesn’t come across well. Could that be the hard drive?

Can you watch it on another device well? Say a computer using the Chrome browser?

I will try that. I gave it about a 30 minute break and now the playback it without issue. However only a couple channels appear strong enough for live streaming, so I think I’ll need to move the antenna outside

Yes try a computer that is hard wired if you can. As well keep your Tablo hard wired if it’s not already.

Trying to tell if it’s poor WiFi signal or poor OTA signal.


@theuser86 is asking the right questions. It could just be a latency issue as opposed to a reception one. Let us know if you can recreate this on a PC when you get a chance.

theuser86 is no dummy when it comes to Tablo use and networking, reception, etc.
It might help if we had a “KB” on network throughput vs. the numbers as related to Wi-Fi and “wired Ethernet”.

You can have a big number in your Wi-Fi stats but due to all sorts of things have poor actual “throughput” in the end. Wi-Fi is convenient, but not ideal for “Streaming” video content in the typical home (although who here is a typical network user, I see many community members here as atypical when it comes to that, more like power users who put some business IT networks to shame)
Wi-Fi can fall apart if it has to go through walls, floors/ceilings, or there are cordless phones, other network devices on the same channel, etc. Just going from one room to another can be a problem if that wall has AC wires not in conduit (my home is one of few where one level is wired in metal conduit properly grounded, although the other level is… ugh… “romex”.)
EFI from lights, computers/monitors, phones, whatever, can cause you issues. 2.4 is more “busy” than 5 so changing Wi-Fi channels can help in some cases, but keep in mind some things about Wi-Fi that is a bit confusing to grasp - it’s like comparing 3g to 4g with cell phone data. Yes, 4g is faster - under ideal conditions, but that speed drops and reliability fades faster as you move away from the tower than 3g does. So if you are at your distance limit for 4g it will be SLOWER than 3g at its limit. Same for Wi-Fi. The later standards are indeed faster, but they also FADE faster going through walls and greater distances. The newer standards are worse under more stressful conditions. They shine when used under good or ideal conditions. And tests ARE done under ideal conditions. So if you are running Wi-Fi any distance, through walls, and so on, scrap what you read about speed as it won’t count any more. 

If in doubt, Wire it. 

I helped design and install a Wi-Fi system at work using 4 APs per floor in a 2 story building that’s not all that large and we had some tough times even with Cisco’s best gear and external antennas hanging from the ceilings. After a couple of years, we pulled the APs and pulled wire and are now faster and more reliable with WIRE. 

@shadowspapa - My to-do list literally has ‘Blog post re: network tuning’ on it. 

There’s a lot of ins & outs to getting the most out of your home WiFi network that the average person has no knowledge of. The plan is to work with @TabloSupport to get some of the tips & tricks amalgamated into a blog post (and then a KB article) so everyone can use that knowledge to make their networks better.