Variable Playback Speed


Similar to how YouTube videos can be sped up or slowed down (in the player settings… 0.5x, 0.75x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, etc) the ability to change the playback speed of Tablo recordings while watching them would be awesome. There are times when I would love to save 10 minutes of my life by speeding up things like the nightly news.

I realize this would be technically challenging for multiple reasons, but it can’t be impossible. A more granular selection than steps of 25% would be preferable though, such as increments of 10% from 50 to 150 or maybe all the way to 200% depending on the technical limitations.


Doesn’t tablo record video in HLS format?

Does HLS allow for variable playback without having multiple copies of the video at different speeds?


It appears to be player specific. I concatenate a URL in the form (tablo.lan is specific to my network and 0000 is the recID of a show to stream, I use capto for this, and it’s mostly assembled in a shell script)
I used smplayer for playing videos, it handles streaming via a URL, vlc or most any player you choose.

I clicked double speed and half speed. Played either without issue. Presuming network speed or buffering isn’t a problem HLS doesn’t care how you play it back.


I think most requests have wanted variable bit rates that adjust to various WiFi/ethernet speed conditions.

I can use 1x,2x, and 3x fast forward with thumbnails to move through the video. And most TV is rather bad. So do I really want to play the video at half speed and spend twice as much time watching Hazel or Maude. Life is short enough.


My interest was more in increasing the playback speed a little to save time, not in slowing it down. I just mentioned reduction because I figured if one was possible, both probably would be.


I was just referencing on the possibility, questioned in your previous post. Me, I have little to no reason for it, others may.

adaptive bitrate streaming? From what little I (kind of) know, you need multiple bitrates sources. I would speculate this is substantial overhead, outside the scope of tablo’s goals.


Accelerated playback with sound is useful for something like catching up on a news or sports talk program. You can get all the news with the cute little chipmunk voices in half the time.


I just opened a program stream directly from the Tablo on the VLC media player. It supported a 4x speed increase with sound, and a 7x increase with no sound. Above 7x, it was no longer a fast video but like a thumbnail jump. The audio was too fast to understand above 2x. It would slow to 0.03x, with no audio below 0.2x. It would also do a frame by frame advance.


great! Back to the original post, from what I’ve discovered here, with tablo out-of-the-box, it’s marketed to the “general” public to be as user friendly-est while compatible with multiple devices. So it seems they keep it relatively simple in some respects.

Seems there are a lot of things we can work around, like adjust start/end times, vary play speed, swap disks, which seem simple to some users, but can be too much for others.

If playback seed were critical for me, I would use ffmpeg to encode an mp4 and use my own player to watch at what speed brought me happiness… but that’s me, I’m not like everyone else.