Vacationing with the Roku......?

I apologize because this also discusses the iPhone app. Anyway....

I've noticed that there is no way to take your Roku on vacation with you and be able to access your Tablo. Since it searches for the Tablo and does not find it on the network, it is inaccessible. The iPhone however, synchronizes and caches some type of authentication. Is there a way to make this work with the Roku? If not, will there be a feature at some point (hopefully soon) that would do this? Moreover, I've noticed that if I haven't synchronized with the Tablo on my iPhone, it cannot authenticate after X amount of time (says Tablo not found). In the past, this had not been an issue. It seems as if though this appeared around the time that the synchronization feature was re-vamped to offer a faster load time. Hoping to be able to travel with my Roku and still have access to my shows! :)

Any ideas?


@Dano this is on the roadmap, but it may be pretty far off from what Tablo tells us

@Dano - Jestep is correct. This is something we’d like to add to Roku but we have a lot of other cool stuff to add to the new Roku channel first.

In the meantime, if you want a good travelling option, the new FireTV and Android TV apps will be Tablo Connect enabled so you may want to look at one of those. 

FWIW I used a laptop and a chromecast stick last time I traveled and Tablo worked fine.

Thanks. I happened to have my iPhone HDMI cable and that worked. But I would prefer to have it on the Roku. I’m a Techie. People in the biz make fun of me for getting a Roku and a Tablo. They like to do everything with the latest Linux distro and some elbow grease. I can’t be bothered. (especially, since I have kids). I do that stuff at work and like to leave it there. So, the Roku and Tablo work great. Hence, the carry-over to the “Traveling” home signal. :slight_smile: I appreciate your input.

Well if you’re a techno nerd then you can set up a VPN server at home where the Tablo is located. Then bring a travel router with you to act as a VPN client to said server. Then connect the Roku to the travel router. To the Roku it will think it’s on your local network and it will find the Tablo.

This works well, I have used it for months until Tablo adds Tablo Connect to the Tablo. Only caveat is your upload speed needs to be at least 10 Mbps for smooth playback on the 720p Roku / Chromecast quality setting. Unlike the iPhone web app, you cannot lower the remote streaming quality because the Roku thinks it is doing local streaming.

You can set up the VPN server on your home router or a computer.

That’s correct. However, the router I have does not support VPN in this manner. Moreover, I do not have 10 Mbps. You can get away with less however  (of course). Even if I did, I would still have to buy another router. So, unless I buy equipment, I can’t do what I want. That puts me back to square one. Like I said, I can use my iPhone with an HDMI cable. That works without the need of any router, Apple, or otherwise. And yes, the picture is not great. But, it works. Thanks for the 411. I suspect you’re either in the biz, a techie,  or are/were using it for “other” purposes (which will not be elaborated)  ;)

You can run DD-WRT which allows a VPN server on a TL-WR841N for like $15.

Money is money and time is time… :wink:

I thought I read something in the last few days that FireTV was going to add support for logging into hotel style wifi that required acceptance on a flash screen. Great news for travelers. Hopelly this also ends up on Android TV as I prefer it over Fire TV.

TabloTV, It souldn't be too hard to cast to the Roku using tablo player on a tablet or Ipad. I can do it with Slingplayer and other players.

If I could have the choices of using an external players, I could use Avia or another casting player to cast to Roku?