Using USB Drive with HDMI Tablo

If I decide to get the HDMI connected Tablo can I take the USB drive I’ll purchase out of the BR TV recording the shows and plug it into a my LR TV (also using OTA antenna) and watch I recorded on the BR TV?

Although I’m not sure what BR and LR TVs are - no. When you connect a drive to a tablo it need to format it, even if it’s properly formatted, I believe it needs to be recognized as
"format_state":"authorized" So you’ll loose everything.

Aside from that, if you formatted the drive then copied content to the drive, tablo uses an internal DB to reference data/shows on the drive and wouldn’t know they are there.

disclaimer: I’m not truly familiar with HDMI connected tablo’s, I suspect the fundamental function is similar to previous generations.

BR is bedroom and LR is living room I presume

So the drives my not necessarily be connected to specialized TV, but maybe 2 different tablos? Or devices

Still, they aren’t designed to work like that - no.

or if you have a subscription you can watch recordings on the HDMI unit on another TV without moving anything around (must have the right streaming device for this).

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A subscription to what? I have a Roku, so If I download the Tablo app to my Roku, can I watch my recorded Tablo shows on my TV hooked up to Roku? I’d like to use my bedroom TV for hooking up my Tablo because the OTA antenna in the bedroom gets the best reception. I prefer to watch the TV in the living room, though, where that TV is hooked up to my Roku. (Hope I’ve been clearer than mud.)

Depending on quality of your home network, TV-connected Tablo DVRs can stream to up to 2 compatible devices (for Tablo DUAL HDMI) or 4 devices (for Tablo QUAD HDMI) at the same time.
*This feature requires an active TV Guide Data Service subscription.

That’s the muddy aspect they wanted clarification for… :neutral_face: The need for a subscription to tablo’s guide service to stream in your own house with an HDMI connected tablo.

Ohhhhh…NOW I get it. Thanks!!

As well to further clarify you do not need an active subscription to stream from your network connected DVR to a Roku. When I say a network connected DVR I mean one without an HDMI port.