Using the Roku remotely with Tablo Connect

I couldn’t find this in the actual Feature Request section.

I would really like this feature. If not using Tablo Connect then how about supporting Emby / Media Browser in their TV Plugin section. Then I could use the Roku remotely with the Tablo.


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@jgravert - Oh it’s in there :slight_smile:   (At least Tablo Connect). 

It’s on the to-do list but if you’re itching for a set-top-box that supports this feature Amazon Fire TV and Android TV do today. 

I realize this was requested a while ago, but I’d like to add my vote to this feature on the Roku Tablo App.

The use case: Roku in a car/van/motorhome

The backstory:

I recently took advantage of a $15 promotion for the Roku Express+. The Express+ is like the Express, except it also has RCA connections. I didn’t need another Roku, but hey - fifteen bucks! My new roku then sat unused for a couple weeks until the other day two things finally dawned on me:

  1. Our family vehicle (Honda Odyssey)'s built in DVD system has RCA inputs
  2. My cell phone plan has unlimited data

In other words, I realized I could activate my phone’s hotspot and we could use a Roku in the car.

So I rushed to the garage, plugged it all in and it worked gloriously. Now on our Sunday drives we can fire up Netflix, Youtube, Prime, Plex… no more fidgeting with phones to try and stream stuff, no more hauling around DVDs… it’s all there just as if we were sitting in our family room. Except Tablo.

As you know, the Roku Tablo app expects the Tablo device to be on the same network. It would be awesome if it could be wired up to use Tablo Connect and hit our Tablo device remotely.

By the way, if anyone else wants to try this setup, get a roku express+ (I think it may be their only current device that supports RCA connections), then order separately the enhanced remote so you can control the roku without needing a direct line of sight on to the device. Makes using it in the car with the kids much easier.

You can stream Netflix on a Roku using a cell phone hotspot? The connection is not too slow?

You can stream Netflix on a Roku using a cell phone hotspot? The connection is not too slow?

Yeah, we did it yesterday. Verizon Wireless, Dallas area… driving around town. Seemed to work fine. We also did some Plex, YouTube and Spotify through the Roku while on the road.

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+my vote.

Wished I had this when I went on vacation this year. Took my Roku, but couldn’t get to my recordings.