Using tablo with no remote

My previous comments are how do I use this device if it has no remote?

Which device is this specifically? Lol

All devices connected to an HDTV should have a remote. Even a PC, you can get a remote for it.

Tablo connects to your router via Ethernet or WiFi. It has no HDMI output. You use a device like a Roku or Fire TV or Apple TV or NVIDIA Shield to watch the Tablo on your TV.

Watch the video on how it works - go to the link below.

can I use my smart tv to watch thru Tablo without buying another device

if the tv’s app store has the tablo app, yes.

What is your smart TV?

samsung about 2 1/2 years old 65inch

That is not helpful - if you would like us to check if the Tablo app will run on your Samsung, we’d need the actually model number of the HDTV.

model UN60H6300AF
version HS01
Made in Mexico Dec 2014

Check the Samsung app store on the HDTV (think its called Smart Hub) for the Tablo app.

From my initial searches this is what people call a “dumb” Smart TV, as in the apps that can be installed on it are limited. Newer HDTVs which Roku, Amazon Fire, or Android TV on them have access to all apps the external boxes can use.

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