Using Tablo Playback Tickmarks with Roku

The progress bar during playback has tick marks. Is there a way to jump to those tickmarks??
Roku Ultra Unit

That’s a good question @olyhome and I did ask our ROKU team that when they first showed me the updated Tablo channel for ROKU.

Unfortunately those tick marks don’t denote anything except for progress through the recording. They aren’t markers that can be jumped to, moreso just decoration for the scrubber bar.

Hope that helps answer your question!

Thanks for the info.

Now go off and please tell your team that they should have thought about it before idly decorating things. We now want to jump to those tick marks! :slight_smile:

Aside: @Daniel454 now I’m thinking about ticky-tacky boxes… (Malvina Reynolds). :slight_smile: Just don’t watch Pete Seeger trying to sing that. That’s enough to ruin anyone’s day.

Technically it’s ROKU’s team that decorated it! We’re using their stock ‘player’ software.