Using Tablo on Dreamlink T1 box?

Does the Tablo app work on this box? I found it in the market, installed, but it doesn’t appear to be able to connect to my Tablo. Anyone familiar with this box?

Is it an Android TV box (aka a box running Android TV) or just a box running regular Android OS?

Tablo app was designed for Android TV.

Is the Tablo app running under Kodi on this box? I would delete it and reinstall the Kodi addon for Tablo.

It’s not an Android TV box…at least I don’t think it is. Straight Android OS.

Not under Kodi but I could go that route.

Give Kodi a try, but Kodi 16.1 Jarvis.

Supposedly the Tablo addon for Kodi doesn’t work on the newest Kodi 17 Krypton.

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I love Tablo under Kodi. Enable video hardware acceleration under Kodi; it really smooths out the picture.

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Looking at the specs for this box, it appears it comes preloaded with Kodi 15. You could load Tablo from a zip file for pre Jarvis (Kodi 15 and lower). Or upgrade the box to Jarvis (Kodi 16).

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Mine came with Jarvis, I installed the Tablo add-on and it works great. Thanks.


For some reason it has stopped working well. After a second or so the video starts to stutter. The audio is fine but because the video is stuttering they are way out of sync. I wonder if there is a Kodi setting that is causing this or would fix it? I don’t think I changed any settings after the time it was working fine last week.

Several things I have done in Kodi to help video stuttering. I needed to do this because my NHL package would stutter given that this is a fast paced sport.

  1. Set up a buffer size using the addon “Easy Advanced Settings”. It sets up a video cache which I set to 1/3 of my free memory.

  2. In Settings–>Video–>Acceleration set on the “hardware acceleration” options.

It wasn’t a Kodi setting… turns out some channels were fine and some were not. I checked my Tablo settings and I had it set to the max quality (1080). I dropped it to 720 and not it seems fine. Expected? Is there something about this hardware that can’t handle that setting?

Specs for this box say full 1080p with a hardware accelerator for video. Try the options I mentioned above to see if the flow between the Dreamlink and Tablo smooth out. It may be a buffering problem which I had run into. I run Kodi on an Amlogic box which has hardware acceleration support through SPMC and Tablo at 1080 is fine.

I also clear the memory in Android when it gets to 45% or above. Sometimes before I sit down to a hockey game on the box, I just reboot it to clean it out thoroughly!

Is your Tablo wired into the LAN or wireless? Is the Dreamlink wired or wireless? Both my Tablo and Kodi box are wired into the network and 1080 works fine wired. Can’t say about wireless…

Both are hardwired. Hardware acceleration is enabled in Kodi. I will try the buffer size setting but none of my OTA are in 1080p anyway.

On the Dreamlink T1, I use the Kodi add-on on Jarvis 16.1. I have tried the Tablo add on through the Aptoide market (available to T1 owners), but it just doesn’t work…

I find Tablo on Kodi to be a very slow app… loading takes quite a while whether it is the schedule, or recorded shows, etc. However, it does seem to work just fine. I have a Cat 6 hard wired home, so I don’t have stuttering or freezing issues. I DID have issues until I hard-wired my home.

I do wish there was another implementation of Tablo that worked with my T1 box without going through Kodi… It seems that running Android, layering it with Kodi, and then layering the Tablo add-on on top is an awful lot of overhead.