Using Tablo on airplane

I was on a five hour United flight today with United Wi-Fi (not Gogo) and had a flawless experience watching tablo recordings in the airplane! My tablo at home is set for 1Mbps remote streaming quality. No problems fast forwarding/etc either. Also nice is that I was able to use miles to pay for the wi-fi connectivity.

When I ran app I was seeing ~20Mbps downstream connection on the plane with an 850ms ping time.

Just wanted to report this fun experience using Tablo!



We love hearing stories about using Tablo Connect in new/interesting places.

I thought this might be a joke as I assumed it would be Gogo in-flight wifi. But, I see it’s a United product and good for you & them if you consistently receive that level of performance.

Most any FF (frequent flyer) knows air travel has evolved into a “bring your own device” game. Airlines can and will save themselves a lot of trouble and weight/fuel once they wise up and remove IFE (in-flight entertainment) display systems and concentrate on in-flight broadband wifi. Perhaps media servers too?

I’d love to meet the designer who thought it would be a good idea to put a touchscreen monitor in a seat back? And if that isn’t bad enough, then offer games for people to pound on your seat back for an entire long flight?

This particular flight had DirecTV service in the seatback monitors that you had to pay for, so there was no “bring your own device” entertainment available which was disappointing. That prompted me to try Tablo :slight_smile: