Using Tablo Exporter


Oh, cool! DIdn’t realize there was a newer version.
Re: your question…I haven’t applied the newest fw update yet, and I don’t recall when the 2.12 was installed (I don’t think I’ve allowed a firmware update since I started using Tablo in January?)
Also, the file I chose for the debug was simply the first one I noticed the problem with. I got rather random results with other show-files since then, some extract just fine, others fail, within the March/April time period. Roughly two weeks ago, I discovered that my Tablo had locked up, requiring a reboot. Since then, new recordings have been made, including yesterdays SNL which…is exporting successfully! I also successfully exported some Charlie Rose segments recorded since the crash.

So, maybe I’m good after the reboot? But does that mean the pre-crash files are likely lost for good? They play back fine in the Tablo web app.

Anyway, I’ll take your advice and dl the latest build. Thanks for your help!


No, they should be fine too, assuming no data corruption


Indeed! I’m happy to report previously un-downloadable files are now dl’ing with the latest build (129). I really didn’t expect that. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this eve, and for the trouble you took to offer help!


I had this running fine on an old version of Ubuntu. I have just reinstalled ubuntu and am running 18.04. I also have openjdk Java 11 (10.0.2). When I try to run “java -jar TabloExporter.jar” I get this error:

BlockquoteError: Could not find or load main class tabloexport.TabloExport
Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javafx/application/Application


Using the full path the the jar? What version of Java?



Getting Oracle Javafx 11 working is a little beyond me right now.

I installed Oracle Java 8, which still includes fx, and made it the default. Works great now.