Using Siri to skip over commercials

Has anyone else been using Siri to skip past commercials? I have been using my iPad to AirPlay my recordings to the Apple TV 4. It is really amazing to just hold the siri button and say “jump ahead 2 minutes”. It has been working really well. I hope the native Apple TV app retains this feature. I say this knowing that some native video apps don’t appear to support using Siri jump around.

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@steveum - Unfortunately the current tvOS beta doesn’t integrate Siri search. We’re hoping it will be added so we can include it.

I don’t think anyone can use Siri to search yet except a few Apple partners (Netflix, HBO, …).

I am just using Siri to skip ahead during the playback of Tablo recordings. This is currently working great for Tablo over Airplay. Are you saying this feature will not be supported in the Tablo tvOS app?

How do I request to be part of the beta?

@steveum - I checked with the iOS team for clarification. They’ve looked at the API and while integrated Siri search will not work, the voice skip should be enabled as we’ll be using the system player.