Using Roku - Since update it hangs constantly, loses connection - requires TabloTV power disconnect

Using Roku box. Ever since your update a few weeks ago, the TabloTV will disconnect MULTIPLE TIMES PER DAY, and kick back to the channel guide when watching live TV, multiple times per day. Pulling the power plug on the TabloTV is the only fix, then it takes 5-6 minutes before it will reconnect, if it does at all, which it usually doesn’t. I have to open the TabloTV app on my iPad, which connects almost instantly, THEN if I try the Roku again, the TabloTV will “be found” and connect. 

None of this happened very often PRIOR to the Roku and TabloTV update a few weeks back. Been too busy to write until tonight. TabloTV also is getting quite warm now. If I put a dish of ICE on top of the TabloTV, the problems mostly disappear, so it would appear to be primarily a HEAT problem. The box feels warmer than before the update. Whatever you changed, I want to roll back the TabloTV to the prior version. At least with it, I had a more reliable 4T TabloTV. 

I’m very disappointed. I understand the limitations of the Roku app being held up while you try to hire a full time developer, but if I have to unbox the TabloTV box and drill holes in the case to keep it cool, I prefer to send it back. My wife is very upset with me having dropped cable for the “piece of junk” (her words, not mine). I need a quick solution to keep her happy. Can you make these issues go away?

@kennetherinyoung - Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your Roku/Tablo integration. 

Tablo is designed to run warm, so it’s very unlikely that your issues are related to heat.

It sounds more like a network issue with your Roku. The support team will be happy to troubleshoot this with you so I suggest submitting a ticket so we can give you a hand and get you out of the dog house with your wife. :)

I have also had problems with Tablo starting to lose connection several times a week. Access is through Roku and while watching a live channel it will stop and go back to the channel guide. Attempting to select a channel will result it a Tablo can’t be found message. The blue light on the Tablo typically starts flashing at the same time. The only solution has been to unplug the Tablo, wait a minute, plug it back in and wait for it to reboot.

Definitely not a network issue with the Roku as it is still able to work with other channels and the Tablo is definitely having a problem with all the blue flashing lights.

Very frustrating.

Similar behavior with my Roku 3 and tablo twice in two weeks. This last time after the Roku was streaming live TV all day.

I did enter a support ticket a few minutes ago.

* 4-tuner
* Wired (Cat 5e Gigabit)
* Gforce3 Fantom USB 3.0 2TB HDD

When I noticed the Tablo was no longer responsive, I went to it to find it was cool to the touch. The HDD wasn’t doing anything either. The reset button also does nothing (the light does not blink). Unplugging is the only fix.
If I put a dish of ICE on top of the TabloTV, the problems mostly disappear

@kennethervinyoung, aside from condensation being a concern… what does “mostly disappear” mean? I have lock-up issues (two, in three weeks) that I cannot predict. My ice would melt before I had any statistically significant results. Are your lockups so frequent that you can predict them? Did they completely stop with cooling or just not as many?

I have a support request in right now. Did you find out anything about your issue from troubleshooting?


Keep in mind that we can log into your Tablo to check out its logs if you’re concerned that its running into ‘lockups’. Especially if this is happening frequently. 

We’re constantly improving the Tablo - for both features and stability. That being said, a crash is unlikely, but it’s not inconceivable.

In these cases, if the crash is recent, we can log into your Tablo to snatch its logs and pass them along to our engineers in order to improve upon this in the future.

My support request is closed. My problem was identified as a known issue being addressed in a firmware update. I was told that it is not caused by any user behavior.

I have the same issues with the Tablo and Roku 3 as the original poster. I’ve been assuming this was an issue with the Tablo itself - but this only appears to be an issue with the Roku channel. When Roku tells me it can’t connect or failed to open stream I’m able to view that same stream on my iPad.

Yes, I have the same results. In fact, once I “connect” via the iPad or iPhone app, then the Roku app will “magically” connect.

This suggests that perhaps the local DHCP address is changing due to a “Intranet” disconnect, or some other “hang” is occurring that the iPhone and iPad Tablo app “gracefully” handles, and which the Roku does not, but once the “connection” is re-established between the TabloTV box and the iPad or iPhone app, then the Roku app is able to “recognize” the TabloTV box again.

Again, this should be enough info for the Tablo guys and gals who know the ins and outs of the code to narrow down the issue and fix it.

Was there ever resolution to this issue? I’ve been having very similar issues and attributing them to hard drive issues since I’d get the “No hard disk” message. But tonight when it happened I could not connect from my android phone app right away and when I looked at the tablo the light was flashing like it rebooted itself. I’m now wondering if that’s what’s happening and the “no hard disk” is a symptom of the reboot issue… I’m using 2.2.2 and support tells me I shouldn’t be having these issues…

Thanks for any insights.

If the Tablo is flashing slowly that means it is not getting an IP from your router.

  1. Can you please hard wire the Tablo to your router.
  2. Can you also configure DHCP Reservation for the Tablo on your router. This will ensure the Tablo receives the same IP from the router at all times.
  3. What is the make and model of your router?

Doing the above have resolved issues discussed in this thread.

Unfortunately all of that is already done. The router is netgear nighthawk r7000. I have no issues with any other devices on the network. And to be clear, it only flashed for a couple seconds like it normally does while it’s booting. The point I was trying to make is that it appeared to be finishing a boot cycle.

Last night I also decided to quickly pull power and then reply in the tablo. I was able to replicate the “no hard drive” behavior by doing that.

What did you do last night to replicate the issue?

Basically jiggle the power cable such that it came slightly loose and lost power and the powered on. When it booted up the hard drive was missing. I then pressed the blue reset button and it fixed it. I only did it once since others wanted to watch TV so it’s certainly not statistically relevant but I wanted to mention it.

Can you replace the power cable on the HDD?

What is the make and model of the HDD you’re using?

It’s not the hard drive or its power cable. I removed and reinstalled the tablo power. And when it booted up the hard disk was missing. I am theorizing that my hard drive problem is really a symptom of the tablo crashing and rebooting or a quick power event that makes it boot uncleanly thereafter until the tablo is reset.

That’s not normal - you shouldn’t be able to wiggle the Tablo power cable and have it turn off and on.