Using Plex with Tablo Ripper for Offline Viewing - Plex now requiring PlexPass

So I downloaded Ripper so I could move my recordings to the Plex Media Server so I coudl then download onto my ipad for offline/airplane viewing, but Plex now requires PlexPass for this feature. Any other options to avoid paying. TIA

Since the files pulled from the Tablo are in the “universal” h264/aac format (default), you can just copy those files straight to your phone/tablet from the results of a 3rd party ripper tool.

Or you can use VLC.

Users not understanding this may need a cost prohibitive button [make these easy to fine on my ipad]
But they use a Windows PC, for Tablo ripper, are they a true Apple user? Even if they had just a tablet then ota2go would probably be too expensive as well.

I’m not sure how much the Plex-Pass cost, if it does what you need, isn’t it worth paying for? Does everyone really believe “free” ad-supported - data collection apps don’t cost you anything?

Plex (ergo Plex Pass) is pretty awesome. Even at full full price of $150 lifetime (which can usually be purchased for much less btw) it is worth it.

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I have zero knowledge of the Ipad but would guess it has some type of media player that will play .mp4 files. Easy way to test…rip one and copy it to a USB thumb drive. Then see if it will play on the Ipad.

You could use a free video player like InFuse and just copy the files manually to the iPad instead of downloading them using Plex. How you do that depends on what kind of computer you have to connect to the iPad.

Actually, InFuse will download directly from a Plex server. However, I don’t know if that works without PlexPass. It might, since it’s not using the Plex client on the iPad.

I have a PlexPass, but we stopped using the Plex client on the iPad because they really broke the off-line viewing capability in recent releases, and it was incredibly slow downloading the content. InFuse downloads much faster, and it’s much better at dealing with off-line conditions. We have a long international trip next month, with four different 10+ hour flights. We bring a lot of downloaded video with us.

Ouch 40 hours of flying.

The VLC app on the iPad can do this too. It will run a server on the iPad and you can drag and drop files on the iPad using your computer.

Actually, those are just the long haul international legs. All told, it’s about 59 hours of flight time, plus layovers, round trip. We have two hotel layovers on the outbound trip, about 8 hours in Doha and a couple days in Bali. Coming back we have a day room in Bali for about 8 hours, then just airport layovers. RSW->BOS->DOH->DPS->TQQ and then return.