Using multiple Tablo to overcome audio transcoding

I’m curious if anyone is using multiple Tablo units to separate recording audio transcoding?

Since 5.11 was enabled, I’ve ultimately had to turn it off because a couple of my playback devices don’t support it (web app primarily).

I’ve considered picking up a second unit for stereo playback, but that just seems onerous. The idea of setting up copies of the recording sessions on both units, etc.

I also wonder - and I’m over-simplifying for sure - what if Tablo contained an option to use a virtual routing protocol and/or load balancing to enable a single ‘virtual’ tablo appliance on the network, supported by two or more actual appliances on the back-end that keep a single user-facing interface, but serve up the most appropriate content based upon the capabilities of the client?

At the end of the day, I suppose I should just upgrade my hardware so that they all support 5.11 - and stop dreaming about a hardware/software provider solving that problem.

I have two 2-tuner Tablos. My main one is always in stereo mode since I use my PC browser a lot, and I go back-and-forth on my other one in 5.1 mode since it is mostly used for Roku clients.

Once the programmers can figure out how to get Chrome and/or Firefox working in 5.1 mode (mobile devices can select a different playback program to do 5.1, so a PC should be able to do the same thing at some point), then I likely will switch completely over.

Tablos are still pretty simple devices. I wouldn’t request anything too complex like making all the Tablos on your network look like one, with special smart abilities to use the correct one.