Using ipad for tablo?

Anybody use tablo on their ipad? My current ipad is old, so the app isn’t supported. I’m looking to purchase a new ipad. Does it work about the same on any of the current models out there?

I have an iPad that is around 3 years old, and the Tablo app works perfectly fine on it.

My iPad Air is from 2014 and Tablo works fine. Currently running iOS 12.5.1.

We use an iPad Pro every night to watch the news during dinner. As long as you have a good WiFi signal, it works great.

Do note that the the UI isn’t a good asvon some other platforms like Apple TV. There’s no Siri integration - can’t tell it to “skip 2 minutes” instead you have to tap to bring up the controls, then try to tap on the 30sec advance or 20sec back buttons.