Using Gen 4 via Amazon Firestick

Using the Firestick is clunky. I would love to load my new Table directly on my six year old LG Smart TV. It has an array of steaming appsbut I can’t figure out how to include Tablo amongst them.


The TabloTV app for LG’s webOS is not available yet.

Thank you. Any idea when it’s slated for release?

I wish I knew. ITMT, I have a fire stick on it (4k max 1st gen) and because of that I barely use the apps on the TV itself.

I understand that the layout of the firestick can be a bit much sometimes, but is there something especially making it seem clunky? Is it older?

I’ve been waiting for the LG webos app as well. Not sure what the delay is.

My Firestick is is older but I have no idea how old. I replaced the batteries to see if that would help. They were the original Amazon Basic batteries.

By clunky I should have said slow to react to commands or slow to move when navigating. I after moving to HDMI 1 I have to press the power on button on the stick at lest twice to get a response.

I rebooted everything yesterday and during the recovery Tablo said to press the reset button on two occasions. It took quite some time to get Tablo up again. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade.

Have you had any success since TabloTV fixed a few things on their end this morning?

I find it odd that something asked you to press the reboot button on the Tablo… I’m wondering what app said that and why this message came across. Was it the “no tablos have been found on your network” type of message? (This is more out of curiosity.)

On another note, I would also be curious as to the model of your Firestick. You can find that information by hitting the home button, scrolling over to settings, then to “My Fire TV” (or similar wording), and then clicking on the top “About” menu. The physical name of the device should be the first thing you right under “ABOUT” – or to the right under “Device Type” – this second one on the right will give you more information. For example, mine says “Fire TV Stick 4K Max” in the middle pane, but “Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2nd Gen)” on the right.

If you wouldn’t mind sharing the software version, that would be interesting, too. (Make sure you don’t share your serial number.) I hope that you’re at least on Fire OS 7+. There’s nothing I can do with any of this information other than observe some differences, but it might be helpful to TabloTV if they’re keeping an eye on these, or for other people experiencing similar issues.

If you’re looking for a quick/cheap temporary device (or intermediary until you save up for a better one), check out the $20 Walmart ONN 4k box. It’s always nice to have a backup, and it might give you a better sense of what’s going on (example: is it a network issue, or a specific device not working).

Good luck, and keep me posted!