Using fire stick to connect remotely

I want to remote view local channels from a different state. I’ve been told the only way to do this is to use a fire stick or like device. I have the Tablo app on my Smart TV, where I live. Will someone walk through how to set up everything so I can stream live TV remotely?

Remote viewing works on Fire TV, and other Android TV devices such at NVIDIA SHIELD. But you need to pair the device locally first.

Or to put it simply, if you have remote viewing successfully enabled on your Tablo, and you connect your firestick to that Tablo locally successfully, you will then be able to take the firestick out of your house and access that Tablo from that firestick remotely. You can’t just connect to any Tablo, the firestick has to build a relationship with the Tablo you want to access.

That doesn’t seem particularly practical for a Smart TV running the Tablo app.

This is clearly designed for someone who goes on the road and wants to use their device away from home, not someone who wants to establish long term viewing from a remote location on a different smart TV; if you initialize either the Tablo or the firestick/Tablo app, you have to get both back on the same local network to use remote access.

For more information on how Tablo Connecg works, see:

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So then I need to have them send the firestick to me after they’ve set it all up with their Network and the Tablo? Then I could pull up the Tablo app on the firestick and remote in to the Tablo device?

Basically, yes.

FYI, just noticed Amazon currently has a sale on the Fire Stick for $25 for Prime members.