Using arrow up is not consistent at end of recorded show trying to delete episode

I’ve noticed that using the arrow up key when finished watching a recorded show yields two different results. One is that it takes me to the blue box to select watch, something, something, delete which is actually what I want as I’m usually wanting to delete the episode. The other is that it takes me to a spot with the white rectangle box I started with where I selected play to start the show. I then have to press ok to get the blue box to arrow over to delete. Anyone have any idea how to consistently return to the blue box to delete after a show?

@mullermj - Are you getting this on multiple shows or just one? We’ve tried to reproduce it here but haven’t been ale to.

One more question… are you using the standard Roku remote or a 3rd party one?

Yes it’s on multiple shows and I learned how it’s happening. When I start a recording using Play directly from the “white box” that is what I’m returned to when I press the UP arrow. When I start using OK from the blue box I am returned to the blue box when I press UP the arrow. I think the short cut for starting a recording using Play is a necessary luxury but also feel the convenience of getting directly to the blue box to delete is necessary as well. Hopefully it’s possible and you’ll poll too see if it’s important to the masses. Oh and I;m using the standard Roku remote. Thanks!

I have this same issue. Because it is hard to describe, it was hard to find this post. I have a Roku 3 with it’s remote. The Tablo is the relatively new Lite Dule tuner, but I think the original Tablo Dule at my other home did this too. I have validated the original poster’s comment that the issue arrives depending if you use Roku’s “PlayStop” vs “OK” button. I recall that using the play button was a Tablo shortcut enhancement from some time ago. Thanks to the previous poster for realizing the cause. I will stop using the play button, but would appreciate this being fixed.

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