Using a USB 3.0 External RAID Drive Enclosure


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, I’m looking at USB RAID Enclosures to replace my current WD Elements drive. I see that external drives are still not recommended, but I’m big into redundancy. I’d be going for a dual drive, RAID 1 setup.

Is it really so bad not to use the officially recommended drive? Is anyone using something similar?


I guess it’s “use at your own risk”. I"ve been using a WD-EZRX Green3TB in a Sabrent USB 2.0 TO SATA/SATA II Aluminum Enclosure With Cooling Fan without issue. I"ve had each for some time, and felt comfortable with their reliability. I suspect with all the generic boxes and variables with combinations of drives it’s too much to track, officially.

So, although I"m not going to recommend it, officially. If you think you have a reliable setup, yes, they do work in my experience.
Technically, what do you think is inside the ‘pre-build’ boxes? You can buy a WD elements or easystore enclosure only on ebay and add your own drive.


The Tablo can only support USB 2.0. Of course USB 3.0 is backward compatible. I would expect that if the array is meant to work at USB 3.0 speeds the USB 2.0 performance should be pretty good. Unfortunately I’ve been wrong before.

I would also prefer a RAID array for redundancy so please keep us posted on how it works for you. Just keep in mind the speed and space of a RAID 1 array is equal to the smallest, slowest disk.

EDIT:. It seems Tablo was trying to steer people away from network attached storage and thumb drives. I don’t recall them trying to steer people away from custom enclosures.


Following as this issue has been on my mind for a while now…


I’m currently thinking about this enclosure:

The 3.5" enclosure I first checked out had some worrying reviews so I kept looking.

Of course, it all depends on what happens during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


That enclosure says it only supports 2.5" drives. That will end up costing more in the end. It’s small footprint also suggest a small fan that will require a higher RPM and probably be louder. With that I would take the placement of the Tablo into consideration. If it’s near where you watch TV look through the reviews to see if others have complained about fan noise. It has external power which is a huge plus.


2.5” drives for RAID 1, I’d be worried about longevity of those drives.