Using a Splitter

I was curious about running a splitter from my antenna directly to my TV and to the Tablo.  Would this cause any loss in picture quality when viewing on other devices through the Tablo?  I’m only curious because when I watch sporting events I can tell it’s much clearer through the TV and through the Tablo (picture is still great, just like the direct feed to the TV).  I will say that I think Tablo is great and love not being tied to any more comments or equipment rental fees through any other network providers.  I appreciate any and all comments.

It shouldn’t cause any loss in picture quality.  The only concern would be a loss in signal strength.  If you are getting a strong signal currently, you should be fine.  

I have a Mohu Leaf antenna connected to my Tablo, which works very well, but I took the antenna that came with my Tablo (in the first wave) and used it to hook up to my tv directly.  I am going to use that NFL games (though I still will record the game using the Tablo) just to avoid the long delay between going through the Tablo and the Roku.

Awesome!  Thank you very much!  I have the Mohu Leaf as well, I was shocked at how clear of a picture I can get with it.

@grahaa23 - As usual @snowcat is right. There’s no problem doing this unless some of your channels are marginal to begin with. In that case, you may lose some of the ones that are on the edge between good & bad. 

This is how I have my whole house set up antenna to amplifier four-way splitter three TVs and the Tablo. I can watch three live events on three separate TVs and record two shows with the Tablo.

Correct if you’re going to split the OTA signal make sure the signal is amplified before the splitter as there is 3.5 db loss across the splitter. Or you can use an amplified splitter.

Careful with amps though… They add additional noise to the line and if not careful they can actually hinder performance of a OTA tuner…

@PiX64 is right - amplifiers amplify EVERYTHING, both signal and noise so sometimes they’re more trouble than they’re worth. 

I will agree, it can add noise. when I first started I had a preamp on the antenna which was over driving the signal causing bad picture. I have my Winegard HDA-100 low noise distribution amplifier about 30 feet from the antenna before the splitter. I have a couple of runs that are 50’ and 80’ from the splitter. And I have a strong crystal clear picture on all TVs and Tablo. There are different quality of amplifiers, the first one I bought from RadioShack for $12 total junk this distribution amp is $60 and worth every penny.

@mb190e My current amplifier is terrible. What distribution amp are you using?

@Angus it’s the Winegard HDA-100 System Distribution Amplifier

mine is great… FWIW

@mb190e @PiX64 Thanks guys.