Using 2 Hard Drives

Does anyone know if the Tablo can use two hard drives with the new update? I don’t want to loose my recordings.

Actually, I found something that states it still only uses one at a time. What exactly does that mean? Can two be hooked up to the Tablo and you just switch back and forth? If so, can you change the HD on the roku, or do you have to go into the computer?

You can’t use two drives plugged in at the same time. I have no idea which drive the Tablo would recognize, but it will be just one. But you can swap drives in and out.

So here is how it works. The database of recordings and the recording schedules are stored in internal memory on the Tablo, not on the drives. So you could use multiple hard drives if you are really careful about it.

The biggest issue is that the Tablo doesn’t know which drive a recording is on. If you have the wrong drive plugged in, it will give a “file not found” error if you select a show on the other drive. But you could swap drives and play that show.

You would need to make sure that the old drive is plugged in only when watching a recorded show on that drive, and nothing else is scheduled to record. When you are done, switch back to the new drive. Otherwise, you will get new recordings on your old drive, and you likely don’t want that to happen.

I just ended up using one of the Tablo exporter tools to copy the shows I wanted to keep onto one of my PCs. Then I swapped hard drives to the new one and used bulk delete to wipe out the internal memory of the Tablo.

Currently only 1 drive at a time. @TabloTV is it on the list to use 2?

I would be nice in the future if they added that ability … and/or a “clone” ability to help with moving content from a smaller drive to a larger one.


It’s on the roadmap, lol

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That would be really nice actually.

These are all things we’ve talked about. I don’t want to use the ‘r’ word othewise @Max will chuckle.

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I literally lol’ed, I’m glad you guys have a sense of humor.

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Hey Dad (Tablo support)! Are we there yet (dual HD support)? Mom keeps looking at that roadmap and we have to go to the bathroom (hook up the new Christmas HD) really soon!