User interface suggestion

It’s hard for my mother to see gray fonts on a dark background, please consider tweaking the user interface. Thanks.

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Sorry to hear your mom is having trouble.

What app does she use primarily? There might be device-level settings that can improve the usability for her.

@tomcote Themes would be great!

She mainly uses an iPad with some accessibility settings to satisfy her needs and only has problems with Tablo’s contrast, not Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video. Online tool I use to check contrast.

yeah, this is an industry-wide problem: younger people making UI decisions based on what makes sense to them, or what’s currently “fashionable” on a bright shiny computerized internet thingy interface, without considering the bigger picture.


When you live your life as anonymous creatures communicating via various forums, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., proposing millions of dollars of R&D development costs without having to sit down face to face with Product Management and CTOs and workout ROI, life is wonderful.

Now you’re just being a troll. No point in replying to random threads with your alternative facts.

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I was commenting on:

“what’s currently “fashionable” on a bright shiny computerized internet thingy interface, without considering the bigger picture…”

There are things bigger then generating infinite lists of user defined features that have huge amounts of costs to implement.

You could have said simply, “I disagree”–but you chose instead to do a personal attack.

See my previous post on this matter.

Are Themes the answer to this users problem?

Of course in the past there was a long debate of user selectable Themes for all tablo UI’s.

And when my parents were in their nineties their ophthalmologist had suggestions and special glasses for contrast issues that seemed to work

Themes could work. I’d like sports teams based themes, a good ole Ottawa Sens one maybe to honour the origin of the Tablo.

I’m old but I would like a theme of Victoria"s Secret models.

My wife would laff her ass off knowing I would probably drop over dead if that popped up when I launched the tablo app.

No thank you.

But seriously…

We do our best to provide a user interface that meets the needs of all customers but in some cases we fall short. Unlike some larger companies, we don’t have an entire department devoted to user interface/user experience/accessibility.

I’ve passed @FritzThird’s feedback along to the app engineering teams and we’ll see what we can do about increasing the contrast on those particular sections.


Awesome, thank you very much @TabloTV ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I like that Idea @zippy . :grin:

This discussion came to mind when I saw this:

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